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Yum Alert: Raspberry Mocha Kiss Cocktail'
Written by Olga

The Raspberry Mocha Kiss is absolutely delicious.

I don’t know if you knew this about me but I really like drinking alcohol. I also love drinking coffee, in fact, coffee comes in at a close second. So why am I crazy about this cocktail? Because it combines alcohol and coffee. It’s also a great girly drink and perfect for Valentine’s Day. Here’s the recipe. Yum!


4 oz of Wolfgang Puck Double Blend Mocha

1 Β½ oz of Vodka

Β½ oz of Chambord

3 fresh raspberriesΒ (muddled)


Put all the ingredients in a Martini shaker and shake well for well for 10 seconds. Strain and pour into your favorite Martini glass.

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Olga is a fast talking East Coast girl who takes no bull or prisoners. When not kicking a$$ and taking names, she can be found being awesome up and down the East Village. In her down time, Olga practices power yoga and drinks hand-crafted cocktails - sometimes at once.

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