Yum Alert: Chocolate Drizzled Banana

Chocolate Drizzled Banana


  • 1 Banana
  • ½ bar of chocolate (I used endangered species dark chocolate with espresso beans because it’s sweetened with beet sugar)

Make a pot of boiling water and put a glass bowl over it.
Place your chocolate in it and stir it with a spoon while it melts
When it’s done drizzle it on top of your sliced banana and enjoy.
It’s a super quick holiday dessert

By Deb
A master chef known by many, this Los Angeles native is obsessed with food that fuels the heart, body, and soul. She's incognito because she's 1 part corporate spy, 2 parts stealthy lady about town, and a splash of sarcastic best friend... whipped to a frothy meringue.