XTreme Gingerbread Home: Frank Lloyd Wright Edition

Garden Melodies blogger Melodie, and her man Brenton, constructed this killer ode to the man with the flying plan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and his Fallingwater estate. STATS: It took over 12 hours to design, nearly 40 hours to actually build & decorate- with around 170 different intricately molded pieces of gingerbread, candy (40 packs of smarties, to be exact) and 8 entire bags of powdered sugar.

The original (pictured below) has been replicated well by these gingerbread masters. We’ll be keeping an eye out on them next year — but  you’re thinking of going from the ground up THIS holiday season for your gingerbread building festivities – Melodie has a fool-proof gingerbread house cookie recipe — find it HERE.

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