Win It: Rio de Keratin’s Cocolada Treatment

Oh baby, have WE got a GIVEAWAY for YOU!   Enter to be one of the 5 lucky winners of Rio de Keratin’s Cocolada Treatment.  Preggers? Have seriously color treated hair? Not a problem. This stuff is au naturale & totally safe to use for anyone and everyone who wants the look and feel of smooth, manageable hair.

Picture 2

It’s not even on the market yet, we’re counting down the days until the unleashing in August. SO, winners will get a sneak peak to find out what we already know. This stuff is da bomb.

FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY [Open to Continental US Only, Contest Ends July 2, 2010]'
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  • Gigi

    How about Rosa Rosa Dana. I soooo need this. Been looking into the salon treatment but would rather be able to do it myself at home!

  • Cece

    SJP. Before SITC, money and a stylist.

  • enana827

    Helena Bonham Carter…all day, everyday.×1024.jpg

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    Amanda Pevey

  • enana827

    this is AMAZING. I went on the site and read about it…OHHH how I want it. My hair is a curly, horrible mass of dry damaged hair. I would LOVE this product for when I go to visit my long distance boyfriend in August. He’d be surprised by how gorgeous my hair got in a year, haha. <3

  • Luv

    There are time when my hair looks bad, than there are time worse than that. I look like Kristy Alley on a bad hair day,and I have plenty of those. I really wish to win “Rio de Karatin’s Cocolada Threatment.

  • Luv

    I also Tweet the link. @LuvTrinity

  • I would say Diana Ross in the 70s. Frizzy, puffy brunette. I am 100% Greek and my hair is coarse, w/a slight wave & lots of puff 🙁

  • Samantha

    For me Courtney Love also – just without the drugs and not blonde. And this humidity is NOT helping
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  • JennyJen813

    I would say my worst summer hair has to resemble Britney Spears (with hair that is!) When it’s down it always seems to be sort of unkempt and a lil frizzy. That’s what happens when the humidity gets to mine, ugh!

  • dnates

    I would say I’m gonna look like brittany spears when she went coo coo for cocopuffs and shaved her head if i dont do something about my summer, fly away hair.


  • ashleymaria90

    A mix of Tina Turner and Diana Ross…AHH!!!On a good day my hair looks moisturized and silky!!

  • A little bit of Kerrie Russel.

  • adendyut

    cross between wind city and something about mary

  • Luv

    I really , really want to win “Rio de Keratin’s Cocolada Treatement. Actuallly , I need to win . I look like the “Bride of Frankstain” without it. Everyday in the summer is a bad hair day for me.

  • luv_mydachshund

    Before my Cocolada treatment, I was Christina Aguilera on a good day.

  • j868jenn