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Win It: HP Envy x2

By • Oct 22nd, 2013 • Category: ENTERTAINMENT, GIVEAWAY, giveaways, Internet

HP Envy x2 Giveaway

The new HP Envy x2 is basically everything a gal around town needs- it’s versatile, comes with an easily detached keyboard, becomes a tablet in the blink of an eye, or will be your best friend as you sit front row at your fave fashion show, tweeting your little heart out about runway trends. It’s even a fave of style and music industry icons, so you know it’s good. We’re giving 1 lucky winner a chance to win one of these bad boys, just follow the instructions below!

Open to US residents.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment here telling us how you’d use your HP Envy x2… would it be your go-to tablet? A laptop for work? A little of both? Check out everything it can do, here.

2. Tweet at us with this: Hey @luxuryspot I want to win the @HP Envy x2!

3. Share this post on your Facebook wall, and tag our Facebook page so we can see it! Make sure you’re a fan so you can tag us :)

For extra credit, pin this post on pinterest as well… And keep tweeting up a storm for more chances to win! Make sure you follow @luxuryspot and @brycegruber  on Twitter!

Winner will be announced by November 14, 2013

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  1. My home computer been acting crazy for the last year. I’ve been saving to purchase a new one something always comes up like multiple car problems! Urrg! I would use this computer to start up my wedding planning business.

  2. I tweeted @mskenyaf

  3. I would use it for gaming

  4. I would gift the HP Envy 2 to my hubs. His laptop is very dated and bulky. With the Envy 2 he could use it at the office and bring take photos of home listed for sale and post immediately! It would be a real time saver and a big convenience that he deserves!

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  10. I’d use it mainly as a tablet, so I can have one again, my kindle got claimed by my son, or maybe I’d get my kindle back so he could use this. (littlesillysally at gmail dot com)


  12. I would use the HP Envy x2 for a little work and play and of course to store my photos.

  13. 10/23 tweet:

  14. I would use the HP Envy x2 for the startup of my craft design and crafting work, it would allow me some mobility which is much needed. at this time I am chained to a desktop.Thank you

  15. This would definitely be my go-to tablet!

  16. This would be for my daughter when she starts college in two months.




  20. I’m not working at the moment so i would use it to help me look for a job and well as normal daily use. My current laptop is ancient and very slow so it would be great to have something with a better spec and i like the fact the envy can be use as a laptop or tablet

  21. I would use this for everything! I need a new computer, because my 3rd hand netbook is on it’s last legs! This would be a dream come true if I won this! :)

  22. Tweeted @Jules792000

    Shared on Facebook: Julie Luhtala
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  24. I would use this everyday for everything! I recently had my laptop stolen and need another one and this would be amazing! I would use it for work like doing my spreadsheets and keeping up with bookkeeping. Then on my downtime I would use this for social networking online shopping and keeping up with family and friends. Also I would use it to listen to my favorite music( Drakes album will be on repeat lol) Hope to win I need this :)

  25. The HP Envy x2 is so versatile that I could use it at home and carry it with me when traveling. It’s the perfect laptop for work and play!

  26. I pinned!

  27. I would give it to my daughter to work on her college Apps & essays!

  28. My “everything” tablet. work, play and homework helper.

  29. I would use it for schooling my daughters


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  34. I’d use it daily for a main computer well me and my 6 kids would

  35. go to tablet, for work and home.


  37. I would love to win this! It would be for everything! On the go! At home! Anywhere!


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  41. i would use it by tracking my stocks at home and on the go!

  42. I just started dental assisting and i’m hoping to work my way to dental hygiene! This would be tons of help for all my schoolwork on the go!!! crossing my fingers!!! following on facebook and twitter @minders777 =))))

  43. I would use my HP Envy x2 at home for surfing the web, entering sweepstakes, shopping online, accessing my social networks and email and doing genealogy research. I’d also take it with me to use when I travel. Thanks for the chance!

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  46. I pinned this post.


  48. Would love to win so it can be my Go To TABLET.

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  52. I love the separate battery! Great for on the go or at home!

  53. Would be my GO TO TABLET !

  54. Definitely would use this as my GO TO TABLET! :)

  55. It would be both for me, I dont have a tablet and my laptop is on its last leg, its a beautiful little piece of tech.

  56. I would use it for everything – my day to day life – it would be my friend – I travel A LOT, its my life and so would this be. Have shared and tagged on facebook and twitter :)

  57. I’d probably just use it for entertainment purposes :)

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  59. I would use it with my legs up on the couch so I’m not confined to the PC!




  63. pinned:

  64. The HP Envy X2 would be my all-in-one sidekick! It would be my laptop at work, my tablet when I’m on the go with my kids, and my helper when it’s homework time.

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  68. I would use this for gaming. I love games!!

  69. Pinned!

  70. Tweeting up a storm as @ Kristinephoto

  71. i would love this to be my go to tablet!

  72. We as a family would use for travel and school

  73. I would use the HP Envy x2 for everything for my own work, my children school work the possibilities are endless!

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  77. 10/24 tweet:

  78. My little boys are always wanting to google for information, whether it be to help with homework or for them to gain experience just exploring the internet. They also enjoy gaming as does their daddy, but I would love to use this for shopping, catching up on news, and for my college work.

  79. I have pinned this post on Kerry-Ann Pope

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  85. Would love to win this especially for our road trips and home!

  86. This would come in handy for work and home. I would love to have it in the kitchen when I’m trying new recipes !

  87. I would use it for school and personal use. Thank you for the chance!

  88. I love social sites posting pics on facebook IG & twitter and tweeting about nothing & everything

  89. This would be my main computer and it would be used for everything I do.

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  92. Tweeted!

  93. I would love to win this! I would use it on the go or at home!

  94. Posted on Facebook and tagged!

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  97. I tweeted

  98. I would give it to my daughter who will be starting college!


  100. I tweeted

  101. I would use it on the go or at home! Thank you for the chance

  102. tweeted

  103. tweeted

  104. I’d use it when I go back to school!

  105. I’d use it as a laptop and to Skype with my family! :)

  106. I would use it for absolutely everything, my advent is on it’s way out #poop

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  108. This would be my go to laptop for work and on the go connecting with friend’s and family!

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  110. Tweeted Hey @luxuryspot I want to win the @HP Envy x2!

  111. I’d use this for a laptop at home for my work and a tablet when we’re on the go!

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  117. I would love this to take with me when I am away from home on vacations. Also would use this in my home instead of my desktop computer.

  118. shared on facebook

  119. I would use it everyday for both work and play!

  120. I’d use the hp envy x2 as a laptop while watching tv and as a tablet on the go or in the yard

  121. tweeted

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  123. I lost the laptop in hurricane sandy and have my work pc on my dining room table – I’d love to have a laptop again for Eric to use for school (instead of my work computer) and for me to be able to search the web and email friends while sitting on the couch.

  124. my tweet – thanks again for the chance

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  127. I don’t have a tablet, but I think I would use this for checking Twitter, Facebook, and checking emails.

  128. Tweeted. Thanks!

  129. it will be little of both !i will work on it and use it on the go

  130. play games and watch movies


  132. I twitted and would use it every day

  133. A little bit of both! I am tweeting @helobuff on twitter and shared on facebook

  134. I’d use daily for FB, contests, Twitter, etc


    sharing on your wall



  138. i would use it for my everyday elecronic device. Thanks for the chance to win.


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  142. I’d take it everywhere I went!

  143. I would use it to watch movies, and use it as a tablet on the go, among other things. Would be a really nice upgrade to my current computer that’s a few years old.

  144. Facebook share

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  146. I’d use my HP Envy x2 for everything! On the go, taking pictures, and carry it along with me to work! Following & Tweeted @luxuryspot and @brycegruber on Twitter, Liked on Facebook and Shared post, and Pinned on Pinterest. Username: @kbamcfadden

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  149. It would derinitely be my go to latptop!!! sounds great!

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  154. Itt would be my main computer. I would use it for everything

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  159. I would use it for homeschooling lessons!

  160. tweeted and fb fan JR Reynolds

  161. Great computer very easy to use…Perfectly works for my business and social media needs!!

  162. I would used it for networking and for my business work

  163. pinned

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  166. I would use it for work and play and with the grandchildren

  167. Tweeted!

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  172. i tweeeted

  173. I would love to use the HP Envy x2 to have fun on the go and making sure to stay connected. I would also love to be the envy of everyone as they see me working on the HP Envy x2!

  174. Tweeting as @luv_mydachshund

  175. I would use it to try and start up an online business selling crafts and have shared and tweeted

  176. I need it for my master’s class. it’s perfect size to bring to class and work, just throw it in my bag and go. I haven’t had a laptop in a year. I’ve been borrowing my husband’s beatup old laptop, not all the keys work. We have to share it every day :(

  177. I would use it to finally be able to do my work when the kids are home. They are always on the Computer…tweeting as @ShannonAnne23

  178. I would use it as my go to tablet, it’d be amazing to just slide off the tablet and go! We’d watch movies, surf the Internet, and look at family Instagram photos and videos (dds are addicted to seeing themselves)! It’s sleek and thin, which would fit in my purse and won’t weigh it down, making it so much easier to bring with us to in-laws house, vacations and more!!

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  181. would use it for a little of everything!

  182. I would use it for school,social sites,and keeping in touch with family,


  183. I would use this tablet for all my work!!!

  184. tweeted!

  185. I would use it at home as a laptop so I can watch movies, coupon, and shop online! I would also use it as my go to tablet so I can read emails, make power points for work, and be on social media on the go!

  186. tweeted

  187. This laptop would help our family so much my middle son has autism so the computer programs and teaching programs he has would be so much easier to do with this laptop, not to mention my husband and I are in grad school, I am graduating in 2014 he graduates 2015! This would help us SO much. Thank you for the chance!

  188. @MOMishStyle tweeting away

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  192. I would use it in the kitchen to watch online cooking classes, bring it with me when I’m out and about as my GPS, or simply have it in bed with me while reading my favorite ebook when my kids are asleep

  193. I repinned

  194. shared on FB

  195. The HP Envy would definitely be my Go-To tablet! I’m sitting here at an old desk-top…I feel a little behind the times. Thanks for the giveaway.
    @lexiquin is following and tweeting
    and will share on Facebook, too ;)

  196. I would use it for a little bit of both.

  197. I tweeted

  198. This would be my laptop for work. I could check my emails+ see what’s occurring in the world :)

  199. I just started a new job and we are able to BYOD to work so I would use this to do research on my work projects, I’d also use it for all kinds of social networking. I love the portability of a tablet and I want to “wow” my co-workers with some of the latest and greatest devices! All my current devices are so outdated and slow!

  200. Tweeted today Hey @luxuryspot I want to win the @HP Envy x2!

  201. I would use to get work done more efficiently.


  203. Tweeted again Hey @luxuryspot I want to win the @HP Envy x2!



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  210. I would use the HP Envy x2 on the go! It would be great because I don’t have a tablet.

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  214. Tweeted :D

  215. Tweet Tweet!

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  218. When wouldn’t I use it, that’s the question…


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  226. tweeted

  227. I’d use it uHP Envy x2 especially for when i want to go sit by the pool!

  228. I would use it for school work. With my kids, it’s hard to my own work while taking care of them at the same time!

  229. 10/29 tweet:


  231. The HP Envy x2 is so versatile, I could use it at work, at home and around town, everywhere really

  232. i tweeted

  233. I like the laptop feature for easier communicating

  234. shared on FB

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  236. tweeted

  237. Tweete

  238. Daily tweet 10/29:

  239. tweeted

  240. Tweeted and thank-you for the wonderful giveaway!

  241. I would use my HP Envy x2 to help me complete my school work, by being able to take it to class, the library and at home! It would be perfect for college!

  242. 10/30 tweet:

  243. I love the portability. Even though it would be great for work, I’d probably save it for all the fun things.

  244. Tweeted

  245. I would use it to keep up with family

  246. It would be my go-to tablet.

  247. I tweeted

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  251. I’d use it for my blogging. To download crazy apps, and store my pictures.

  252. I shared on Facebook

  253. I tweeted2. Hey @luxuryspot I want to win the @HP Envy x2!


  254. I pinned HP Envy x2 Giveaway

  255. Tweeted and tweet again. :) I would use it every day on the go.Travelling a lot. xx

  256. I would use my new laptop for work, and I would get more done!


  258. tweeted

  259. It would be used all the time~My go to tablet!

  260. Tweet!~

  261. I would use this to work from home. My boss will allow me as long as I have a good computer set up.

  262. I tweeted

  263. I shared on my facebook


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  267. 10/31 tweet:

  268. I’d take the laptop to school, I’m a grad student and always on the go!

    –Jennifer Dysart

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  271. tweeted

  272. i tweeted

  273. I would use the new HP Envy X2 to stay on top of my little guy’s homework and to stay abreast of my non-profit work.

  274. I know a young man that could benefit greatly with a Hp Envy would help with his studies.

  275. Tweeted

  276. Facebook!/Madden2977/posts/10201720160860221

  277. sent out a tweet

  278. it would be great for my son to learn French Horn and do his homework online.



  281. i tweeted

  282. for work,fun & play on the Go and at Home.

  283. tweeted via @griswald60

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  286. I would use the new HP Envy x2 to help my granddaughters with their fun projects.

  287. 11/1 tweet:

  288. i tweeted

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  290. This would be my go-to tablet to replace my little dinosaur laptop that’s chugging along! It’s painfully slow & just can’t keep up with my work & projects!

  291. tweet

  292. Tweeted :D

  293. FB Shared

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  295. I would use it as both a laptop and a tablet.

  296. I tweeted:

  297. I would use the new HP Envy x2 to keep in touch with relatives far away and on the go


  299. I would use to replace my older laptop. It will be my go to computer.

  300. Tweeted and have a beautiful weekend!

  301. Tweeted:

  302. I don’t have a tablet so this would definitely be my go to.

  303. I would use it for work assignments that I can do at home.

  304. a lil of both ,alot

  305. I’d use it on the go!

  306. Shared

  307. I would use this on the go and at home. This would be a dream come true for me and help my daughter out in a huge way. Thank you so much for having this great giveaway.

  308. it would certainly bring me electronically in to this century since all this is new to me

  309. I’d use it when I work from home!

  310. I would use my new HP Envy x2 for everything! Especially entering sweepstakes ;)

  311. I would use it for school work

  312. I would use the new HP Envy x2 for everything!

  313. Shared on my fb wall, liked the page, but fb won’t let me tag it for some reason

  314. I would use it as a laptop for work purposes.

  315. tweeted

  316. I would use the HP EnvyX2 to update my resume and continue to look for employment

  317. I would use it daily as a laptop to do my everyday tasks and I would use the laptop to do quick searches.

  318. I would use the HP Envy mainly for travel.

  319. i would use it to enter sweeps on the run and at home.

  320. Tweeted

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  322. As a Mom of 4, I would use it to keep my family connected and organized!

  323. The new HP Envy x2 would be my go to tablet/computer.

  324. A laptop for home

  325. FirstI have to say, “Hey Bryce and Luxury Spot. Thanks for this great opportunity.” I would use the HP Envy x2 for everything such as work relations, a personal laptop. and for fun on my downtime. . Most of the time I have to use my XBOX 360 as my “so-called personal computer”. As you know XBOX 360 is not compatiable with flash, adobe and is not portable. I love my internet and it is what I use to enter contests, freebies and do my work but it does not have all the requirements like the HP Envy x2 has. The HP Envy x2 is lighteight, portable, has a great touchscreen, great resolution and it also has a very nice sound system with Beats Audio. So I would love to have this.

  326. It would be my everything tablet / laptop Id do all kinds of fun stuff with it :)

  327. It would be my go to work machine!

  328. I work online from home, so it’d make it easier to take work with me.




  332. Of course I would use it for my everyday go to tablet because I don’t have one!! It looks so amazing!!!

  333. I would use for work. Trying to build my consultant business.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  334. I would use the HP Envy x2 for when I can’t get to the PC because my hubby is monopolizing it. I probably will like the Envy so much that I won’t care that he does.

  335. i tweeted

  336. I would use the new HP Envy x2 for my college work, my daughter’s school work, fun and leisure…and everything in between!

  337. i pinned

  338. i pinned

  339. I would use the new HP Envy x2 to help my cub scouts turn into boy scouts with visual aids and I can get videos to help me better with them.

  340. Pinned here:

  341. I would use the HP Envy for all personal use. You tube, games, and social media.

  342. Follow @luxuryspot on Twitter and tweeted here:

  343. this would be my go to for everything! thanks for the chance to win!

  344. If I won I would use it for everything. I work from home a lot of the time so I would use it for that and I would use it for my personal enjoyment. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  345. Tweet

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  347. Pin link

  348. I could use this to help me find a job.

  349. I would use it to help my son with his homework and email his teachers for help

  350. here is my tweet

  351. A laptop to enter sweepstakes

  352. For work and play!

  353. I would use the new HP Envy X2 as my at home and on the go computer

  354. The envy would be my do it all-take along- buddy. I would use it for everything social, work, sweepstakes and keeping up with my kids who would have such ENVY

  355. I’d use it for my school work


  357. would use it for work would be great!

  358. Well, my husband and children have good computers… I’d like my own device! I’d use it daily for home and work.

  359. I’ve been tweeting daily @dragonfly777 Thanks!

  360. I would use the new HP Envy x2 to make my photo books I love making for my grandkids and to enter sweeps

  361. tweeted yet again lol

  362. My kids need a school computer and are always using mine so it would be my everything computer and they could have my old one.

  363. I would use it for everything, basically. My laptop is so ancient and slow I’d be in heaven with such a sleek, modern device.

  364. It would be go to tablet.

  365. I would be using this to keep myself occupied in between races at my daughter’s swim meets! Reading books, checking out my email/FB/twitter…and posting pics/videos of her races!

  366. It would be used for work and my go to, so I would say it would be for a little of both.

  367. Work and play.

  368. I’d most likely use it more than my laptop which has been acting “buggy” lately! Good luck everyone!

  369. I liked your Facebook Page :)



  372. following @luxuryspot and @brycegruber on Twitter as @DanaPugsley

  373. Pinned to my contest board on Pinterest

  374. I would use this for work and home and fun on the go.

  375. I’d love to have this tablet for traveling!

  376. Tweeted again

  377. I would use this at home to help my son with his homework.

  378. tweeted

  379. My HP Envy x2 would serve my needs for portability for maintaining a blog, interacting with social media and much more.

  380. I’m a college student so I would use it for school work

  381. Tweet #2 11/2

  382. I would use this at home & in the car!

  383. It would be my tablet for everything!

  384. I would love to use the HP Envy as my mobile entertainment device, to stream movies and music on the go!

  385. i would use it for school.

  386. I’d use it to travel!


  388. I’d love to use it when I travel! :)

  389. I have been wanting and HP envy! It would be my everything machine – at home as a tablet – I love it’s two in one, versatile, flexible and love the HP brand!

  390. Pinned it here for an extra entry and tweeting @helobuff on twitter

  391. I would Use the HP Envy x2 as my work computer!!

  392. tweeted

  393. would be may go to tablet for sure

  394. I would use at home as a tablet when watching TV and also a laptop for everyday use to connect with friends.
    Sue B

  395. Tweeeted on Twitter

  396. I would use it to take an online college course.

  397. Tweeted

  398. Tweet


  400. I would use an HP Envy for homework and checking social netorks.

  401. Still want that laptop for work purposes.

  402. Would be my work & enjoyment computer, since technically I’m having to borrow my mothers work laptop. ha ha

  403. If I won the HP Envy X2, it would be like another appendage and would go everywhere with me so I could constantly use it. Thanks for the chance.

  404. I would love the laptop for trips and vacations.

  405. This would be my go-to tablet :)

  406. I’d use it for everyday.

  407. Share on FB

  408. Twitter share

  409. Pinned!

  410. tweeted

  411. I would use it for my school work on the go

  412. It would be used as my go to tablet!

  413. id use this tablet for blogging and for use while away from home

  414. I would use it for everything because my Laptop is getting hot and shutting down!!

  415. Desparately need a new laptop for basically everything, so it would be just that. Btw, why do I no longer receive your emails and have to search to find you? Feeling unloved :( Please re-add me! N thnx! E

  416. Pinned to my board Make My Day (Elitah) and on FB page (Elizabeth Alexander Cohen). Thnx! E

  417. Id use it for personal and business Im a mom of 4 lil girls and I work FT so im always on the go

  418. Tweet

  419. I’d use this daily for work and play!

  420. It would be my go-to tablet for work! Seriously, seems like everybody takes notes using tablets and I don’t have one. I really would use it for business meetings!

  421. I tweeted at

  422. I would usr it daily and at night for reading and catching up on e-mails

  423. personal and work

  424. I would use it for sweepstaking which is my third job. I need a computer for home use so I can stop using my work computer for personal.

  425. I would use it for my personal stuff.Like keeping in touch with my family and would be my go to tablet.

  426. sent out a tweet

  427. This would be my to-go laptop.



  430. Tweet

  431. 11/4 tweet:

  432. Tweeted & have a beautiful week!

  433. It would my own personal laptop! I would be on it all the time!

  434. tweeted:

  435. Posted on FB

  436. i would used it for personal only

  437. I would use the Envy for work and for play. It is light, so very easy to take with you on the go. I’d love to have one.

  438. It would be for work and play!!!

  439. I’d give to my wife, who’s laptop died, so she can find work!

  440. I’d use it for business presentation and work. It will be a huge asset

  441. Daily tweet:

  442. i tweeted

  443. i pinned it

  444. Tweet

  445. tweeted

  446. I travel a lot so this would be a great on the go tablet!

  447. I would use it for home and school work.

  448. tweeted

  449. 11/4 Tweet

  450. I’d use my HP Envy 2 for my culinary classes!

  451. Tweeted :D

  452. FB Shared

  453. I would use it for school; started grad school in august! Would be great!

  454. I’d use my HP Envy 2 at grad school!





  457. tweeted

  458. how exciting! I would use it for blogging and entering giveaways and doing schoolwork!

  459. shared on FB

  460. I’d use the HP Envy for shopping & tweeting my finds x

  461. tweet

  462. shared on fb

  463. I am starting a project management course next month, it would be perfect to help me balance my studies, work and two children!

  464. My go to tablet

  465. Tweet


  467. i pinned


  469. Tweeted & have a beautiful day!

  470. 11/5 tweet:

  471. Daily tweet 11/5:

  472. I tweeted and posted to my facebook wall.

  473. tweeted

  474. Id use it as my daily computer as this one is on its last leg!

  475. This HP Envy would get the number 1 spot on my desk.. I promise.. I pinky swear! ♥ no crossed fingers here!

  476. This sexy beast would be my main squeeze! It has all the features that I’m looking for in a computer/tablet for starting my new home business! It’s perfect for my projects, to do lists, my blogging from bed & maybe even a great side kick for potty breaks…!

  477. i would love to have it so i can use it to edit my pictures,watch movies while doing laundry, use it at the kitchen etc. crossing fingers.

  478. twitted

  479. I’d use the HP Envy for SO many things! Work, games, photos, e v e r y t h i n g! ;)

  480. I’d use it for everything! What a versatile machine! Shopping, tweeting, working, searching for concert tix, catching up with Facebook friends, checking out what’s new at The Luxury Spot…I could do it all, everywhere & anywhere I go! I could attach all the parts & stay put or detach them & grab the tablet and go! :)

  481. I would use it while at my doctor appointments and also while I am having chemo.

  482. I’d use it for both my jobs, work when I travel, a place to show photos, etc.

  483. Tweet

  484. 11/5 Tweet

  485. Tweet Tweet :D

  486. I would use this for both work and for play!


  488. I would use it for everything!!…Facebook, homework, shopping online, emails, etc., etc., etc….
    This would be awesome to win. Thank you for the chance!

  489. just tweeted

  490. Tweet


  492. i will use it for everything including Facebook!!!

  493. I would use it for everything, and my daughter would use it for school!

  494. Tweet

  495. tweeted ♥

  496. I would use it for everything, work, internet, email, pictures, etc

  497. tweeted

  498. shared on facebook

  499. i tweeted

  500. i pinned

  501. Tweet

  502. I truly need it! My computer crashed today and I am on an old, old computer and the keys stick on the attached keyboard. I would use it to function and work and socialize!

  503. It would be mine! and maybe I would let my 10 yr old play on it too, and do homework…

  504. i tweeted

  505. 11/6 Tweet

  506. tweeted

  507. Tweet

  508. I want Envy, Wait I HAVE Envy for Envy. That’s Envy times two, hey! ENVY X2! #Kawinkydink


  510. Shared again:

  511. tweeted 11/6

  512. sent out a tweet

  513. It would be for work and play.

  514. Tweet

  515. This would be my perfect travel companion. I am always traveling or riding with somebody else and could really use this to get things (business and personl) done while I am not busy!

  516. I tweeted at

  517. i tweeted

  518. It would be my go-to table for sure!

  519. I would use it for online shopping and browsing Pinterest
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  520. It would absolutely be the only devise I would need! In addition to working while traveling (by car and plane), I could also use it to hold my recipes so I could cook without paper or books on the counter! OR…I could give it to my disabled husband so he will have something to do while recovering from another surgery in January! He’d love it!

  521. Daily tweet 11/7:

  522. I Would use it for school and at home for homework…also use it to play games while I’m supposed to do my hw :P

  523. I would give it to my son for online classes.

  524. I would use to for just about everything ! I love how it turns into a tablet. Thanks for this amazing contest !

  525. Tweet

  526. tweeted

  527. I would use it for work and while I was at home!

  528. This would be my travel machine. It is light, and travels well according to the stats. The screen is excellent so I would have no problems reading and seeing it!

  529. 11/7 Tweet

  530. i tweeted

  531. Tweet

  532. tweet




  536. tweeted ♥


  538. I would use it to help Grandson do homework .

  539. this would be my everything! i would use it at home and one the go (twitter clallen1971 fb crystal l allen) clallen at ntin dot net

  540. Tweet

  541. I would use it for everything!!!

  542. Tweet

  543. Tweeted & have a beautiful weekend!

  544. Daily tweet 11/8:

  545. 11/8 Tweet

  546. tweet

  547. Tweet

  548. tweet

  549. Tweet

  550. I would use it as my take along tablet

  551. i tweeted

  552. 11/9 Tweet

  553. Daily tweet 11/9:

  554. Tweet

  555. tweeted

  556. HP Envy x2 would really be for work and play…It would be my “go to tablet”! Sometimes sitting on my kitchen table! I love Twitchen in the Kitchen, tweet tweet, I tweeted the giveaway too! ☺

  557. tweet ☺

  558. The envy would be my on the go tablet for everything

  559. tweeted

  560. Tweet

  561. Pinned





  566. 11/10 Tweeted

  567. Tweet

  568. Tweeting away ! Love this contest.

  569. I would give it to my husband for him to use for work!

  570. i tweeted

  571. id use it for browsing the web! shopping! and entering more contests!! :)

  572. tweeted

  573. I would use it to start a new business I want to start up

  574. tweet:

  575. just sent out a tweet

  576. Tweet

  577. 11/10 Tweet

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  586. pinned you here ♥

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  591. Daily tweet:


  593. It would be my go to tablet since my iPad mini broke, my son when he was 2 wanted me to take a picture of him & he dropped it!!! >.<

  594. This would be a gift to my daughter who has returned to college. It would be the perfect thing to carry to school and also work on at home.

  595. The HP Envy X2 could well be my go-to tablet and laptop. Unless, of course, one of my kids is using it.

  596. Tweet

  597. 11/11 Tweet

  598. tweeted

  599. i tweeted

  600. pinned

  601. just sent out a tweet



  604. I would use for school and work!! Tweeted also

  605. Tweet

  606. tweeted ♥

  607. Daily tweet 11/12:


  609. Tweet


  611. i tweeted

  612. tweeted 11/12

  613. sorry that one is wrong daily tweet here

  614. This would be awesome! I could pass down my PC to my high schooler and keep this one for self to get work done without having to share :)

  615. tweeted

  616. Shared on Facebook.

  617. pinned


  619. tweeted

  620. 11/12 Tweeted



  623. 11/12 Tweet

  624. I really hope to win this so I can use it for school work and managing my online presence. It would be so nice to have my own tablet instead of borrowing my sisters laptop all the time lol.


  626. 11/13 Tweeted

  627. i tweeted

  628. i tweeted

  629. Daily tweet:

  630. i tweeted

  631. i pinned

  632. I really need this tablet for going back to school it would be so nice to be able to take this lightweight beauty to class and around campus. I really hope to win thanks for having such an awesome contest

  633. sent out a tweet

  634. 11/13 Tweet

  635. tweeted

  636. posted on my fb wall and tagged you thanks clallen at ntin dot net


  638. i tweeted

  639. Tweeted:

  640. 11/14 Tweeted and thank-you for the incredible giveaway! Good luck to all!

  641. tweeted

  642. tweeted

    final tweet ☺11/14


  645. it would be my go to computer

  646. tweet

  647. sent out a tweet

  648. Do all my sweeps!


  650. who won?

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