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Win a GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer by Origins

By • Apr 22nd, 2013 • Category: BEAUTY, Cosmetics, GIVEAWAY, Skin


ginzing energy boosting moisturizer origins

Beautiful skin is EVERYTHING, so we’re partnering with Origins this week to give 5 (five) lucky winners a full size GinZing Moisturizer valued at $26.50 each.

Origins is known for skincare that actually works, and the new GinZing Moisturizer is no exception. It’s great for hydrating dry skin, sensitive skin, damage-prone skin, irritated skin (that’s anyone who has even a mild amount of stress in their life, by the way), and anyone looking to turn back the clock on aging. The GinZing line has been one of my personal faves for over 3 years, and I’m positive you’ll love it too.

Open to US and Canada residents.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment here telling us where you’d work this cream into your beauty routine? Would it be after your morning shower and before your makeup? Or maybe at the end of the day after a good cleanse? Or even to leave in your desk drawer for a moisture-pick me up at work?

2. Tweet at us with this: Hey @luxuryspot I want to win @Origins GinZing!

3. “Like” this post on Facebook (the button is at the top of the post). Post it to your wall, and generally go crazy. We love that.

…Make sure your email address is part of your login when you enter the contest, otherwise we don’t have a way to contact you if you win!

For extra credit, pin this post on pinterest as well… And keep tweeting up a storm for more chances to win! Make sure you follow @luxuryspot and @Origins and @brycegruber  on Twitter!

VOILA! Winner will be announced by May 5, 2013

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  1. I would use it at night right after washing my face, since it does not contain SPF.

  2. I would use it in the morning after my shower and at night before bed.



  5. i would use this in the morning!

  6. I would use at night.

  7. i tweeted! (@nutcaseinpoint)

  8. i would use this in the am and pm since i live in a high altitude and my skin dries up pretty quickly!

  9. I would use this wonderful cream after my morning shower

  10. I would use this in the morning to start off my day with lots of energizing moisture.

  11. tweeted under YoAdrianR

  12. pinned under Adrian Rosen

  13. “likes” on facebook Adrian Kaplan Rosen

  14. I would use this both morning and night as I such dry skin!

  15. Tweeted as @Zuzuz_Petalz

  16. Liked and shared on facebook

  17. where you’d work this cream into your beauty routine Prob first thing in the morning after my workout and shower.




  21. I’d use it in the morning to soothe my sensitive skin. tweeting @dragonfly777

  22. This would be a great way to start my day-post shower.

  23. Morning, noon, and night!


  25. liked on facebook

  26. I would use it at part of my bedtime skin care regimen.

  27. tweet

  28. I liked this post on facebook as Rust Hawk. Thanks!

  29. my pin


  31. I would use Origins in the morning prior to doing my spray tan ans applying my make up.. /Spray tan can be so drying a good moisturizer is so so important

  32. This would be right after my morning shower to hydrate me through the day



  35. i’d use it in the morning after i washed my face

  36. I’d definately use it before bed –I need it to soak in all night – so I can awake beautiful in the morning.

  37. I am the queen of sensitive and irritated skin. This would soooooo help keep me from looking like I’ve been slapped every so often, more often than I would ever like.

  38. Definitely after my morning shower!


  40. tweeted here:

  41. Liked on FB

  42. I’d happily work this cream into my every other day work out schedule. After working out I take a relaxing bath…this cream would be my treat for successfully sticking to my regime. Otherwise, I’d use it whenever I felt my skin needed a bit of an Energy-Boost!

  43. tweet!

  44. after my shower and a good face cleanse – morning or evening – for sure! Looks amazing!!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  45. Definitely before bed so it can beautify during the night!


  47. I’d work this cream into my beauty routine any time, and as much, as I can. I need all the help I can get!

  48. Before starting my day,to feel fresh and radiant.

  49. this would become part of my night regimen for sure! Im not using any facial mosterizers and am for sure feeling the backlash now. its time to hydrate!!!!

  50. This looks like a good moisturizer for the AM, being that its energizing. Or before a night out!

  51. I would use this cream in the morning before makeup to wake me up. Plus, I would love to turn back the clock on aging!

  52. every morning before makeup, and definitely before/after sex

  53. Liked and Pinned to my board, Make My Day. Thnx! E

  54. I would probably use this cream at night since it doesnt contain sunscreen and Im all about combining steps. Thnx! E

  55. I will use this at night right after my shower when I’m all clean

  56. would use all day

  57. this cream sounds ama”zing” I would probably use it after a microdermibrazion scrub – to soothe and refresh my skin. Also use at night so I wake up with great skin :) like & shared the post

  58. I’d definitely do this at night so that my skin would have at least 8 hours to absorb without interference.


  60. I’d use it right before I go to bed!


  62. I would use it as a night cream.

  63. I would use before bed as my night time moisturizer.


  65. I’d use it after m morning shower under my makeup.

  66. Night moisturizer and and day pick me up, zing!

  67. Energy boosting moisturizer?!! Would definitely go hand in hand w/my morning coffee!! I am not a morning person and need all the help to start my day :)

  68. After a shower, after work…sounds wonderful!


  70. sounds amazing thank you


    tweet for the dat

  73. I would use it in the am after cleansing and toning.

  74. I would use mostly in the evenings.

  75. At 48, I’m definitely looking to turn the clock back so I would use this moisturizer
    day and night to put some “zing” back into my lackluster, dry skin!

    treneebarker at hotmail dot com

  76. tweeted:

    treneebarker at hotmail dot com

  77. I Liked this post on FB and shared;

    treneebarker at hotmail dot com

  78. Pinned on Pinterest:
    Following all on twitter @warp65



  81. I would use it after wash myself morning and night, because my skin gets so dry after.

  82. I’d use it everyday for beautiful glowing skin! tweeting @ladyboarder9669


  84. I would work it into the mornings, after I wash my face.

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