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What Type of Animal is This? I Need One.

By • Apr 6th, 2010 • Category: SHINFO

Can anyone identify this animal? It looks fantastic to me, and I’m ready to cuddle it (after I cut his/her nails).  Seriously, leave a comment with your best guess…

mystery animal

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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s a naked mole rat, although its skin must be stretched out, because usually they’re really wrinkly. But those are definitely mole “hands,” and the rest looks like a naked rat….

  2. That looks like a baby wombat, Bryce!

  3. hedghog!

  4. My best bet would be a baby wombat? Not rly sure.

  5. That’s a naked mole rat.

  6. It is NOT a naked mole rat. They have disgusting huge walrus teeth and are very small. It is a baby wombat! See evidence below…the woman holding it even has the same manicure and evidence of a penchant for gold rings. This lady is a wombat expert, probably the same lady holding the one in your picture. Bad news though, wombats are not pets, and can get very violent, and it can be illegal to own one :(

  7. badger?

  8. Baby wombat!

  9. Wombat or armadillo?

  10. Definitely a baby wombat :)

  11. Wombat. Not a mole rat. Aside from this animal being entirely too large and having pigmented skin, mole rats have no eyes.

  12. At least not eyes that are useful. Plus, don’t forget the chompers.

  13. Full-grown, and ready for play!

  14. I think it may be a Capybara.

  15. ROCKO!

  16. I actually think it’s a koala. Right?

  17. Otter

  18. It’s a wombat

  19. mole rat

  20. hey sweetheart its a wombat.

  21. A hairless guinea pig is my guess…

  22. WOW! I think it is a wombat! Crazy looking thing… just like the hairless guinea pig!

  23. okay I concede that it’s a baby womat

  24. Baby Wombat! :)

  25. the hand? it’s human isn’t it?!

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