Well, That Was Wild. Bachelorette Party Pics.

Don’t worry, more pics and videos to come, but we just want to say thank you to everyone that came out to Juliet last night in support of our never-ending quest to enjoy life. As we mentioned a million times before, we’re not actually getting married (probably to the dismay of our families). Ashley and I decided that we have no idea when (or if) we’ll ever get married, so why not totally enjoy the last remaining drops of youth while we can. And obviously the best to do that is with open SoCo & lime bar and nearly-nekked dancers.

Thank you, Geronimo, for making my night absolutely perfect.

Is this Vic or a modern day David?

Gorj hair touch-ups by Remington… intensely beautiful!

Our lovely gals Ashley and Stephanie appreciating the good life.

Just another Thursday…

Get in there, Rie!

Rachel rocks our world.

Vic, your name rhymes with all sortsa stuff. Nice underpants.

Obviously this dancer was just closing his eyes trying to remember the moment in time, forever.

Our darling Rie (center) had a blast!

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  • Hannah92

    Is that the same Geronimo who was also on Millionaire Matchmaker?