We Want To Know: To ECard, or Not To ECard?

Greeting cards, just like their old school classmates, the ‘letter’, ‘phone call, and ‘face to face encounter’ have all made way to texts, emails, video chats and a slew of other more impersonal modes of communication.  But hey, we’re busy, right?  Whether or not your in to cyberbirthday wishes, sites like VerveCards.com and JackCards.com are revolutionizing the way we express our love. What’s your take on this pheonomenon?


VerveCards.com, the eco-friendly, paper-free option gives you TONS of choices online with serious personality, sent without having to leave your desk!
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Jack Cards

JackCards.com features a calendar to enter anniversaries, birthdays and other dates that are greeting card worthy. Then, pick the appropriate card for each occasion, and voila! JackCards.com will automatically mail you the already stamped  paper card to just sign an send. (No need to get your panties in a knot, tree-huggers. Most of them are eco-friendly.) You’ll never forget your anniversary, ever again.

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  • Francesca

    WOW!!! I love the cards on vervecards.com. I can’t wait to send all of my valentines cards this way. What a great deal! Thanks Verecards.

  • Monique

    Paper cards still create paper waste — even if the paper is partially recycled. VerveCards looks like a great alternative! I’ve had a hard time finding decent ecards, but these are right up my alley. Thanks for the code — I’m going to go in with a friend and split the cost!

  • Fred

    I’m lovin’ these VerveCards — they’re fab! With ecards like these, I could definitely make the switch from paper to ecards. In fact, I think I will! Always looking for ways to be a little greener and save time & money — if I don’t have to sacrifice style, I have no excuse!