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Travel Spotting: The ecofriendly Urban Hotel

By • Dec 2nd, 2011 • Category: Cities, FOOD AND TRAVEL, Hotels

Unless you can travel to the future, you won’t be experiencing the Urban Hotel this weekend. I  think its only a matter of time, however, that the Urban Hotel starts springing up in Japan and some other foreign countries, making its way through the United Nations until we Americans decide to jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon (most likely directly after Canada).

The concept behind this hotel is pretty ingenious. The room comes with a built in bike that can either be pedaled in the room for exercise (which in turn creates energy to power the room, supplemented by solar panels and a rainwater recycling system) or taken out in the city to explore the sights. Even better, every mile you pedal is converted into credits that you can use against the cost of the room. This idea works on so many levels, I am surprised it doesn’t already exist. It not only benefits the earth, but encourages healthy living and exploration.

Honestly, I am so excited about it I don’t even have anything sarcastic to say.

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