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Travel Spotting: Odessa, Ukraine

By • Jan 5th, 2012 • Category: Cities, FOOD AND TRAVEL, Vacations

Despite the popular American¬†consensus, Ukraine is not made out of a block of ice. I was born there, so I would know. I was birthed and grew up in Ukraine’s 4th largest city,¬†Odessa, otherwise known as The Pearl of the Black Sea. Odessa is a¬†cosmopolitan seaport city, an Eastern European cultural hub and known for its beautiful beaches, fun-loving residents and its very own and distinct Russian slang and accent. The sun, beach and tan ready-to-party residents make Odessa a huge tourist destination – and according to Wikipedia, the average winter temperature is 34 degrees. So come and party in Ukraine’s funnest city – their economy could use it.

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