Tired Eyes? Win Our Secret Fix!

Miracle is defined in the dictionary as a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.


When I say Elizabeth Grant’s Collagen Eye Pads are a miracle. I don’t mean that they’re from above.  They actually  have the science behind them to prove how well they work. Take 10 minutes out of your day to look like you’ve ACTUALLY gotten a full night’s sleep, or that you’re ACTUALLY not sick, stuffed up, and sneezy this winter. Each pad is infused with a mixture of Marine Collagen and Torricelumnâ„¢ ( Elizabeth Grant’s exclusive moisturizing compound). Placing the pads directly under dry clean undereye skin delivers Collagen directly onto your puffy eyes, creating immediate moisturizing and smoothing benefits. No wonder celebs like Blake Lively, Brooke Shields & Jennifer Lopez can’t leave home without them!

Be one of 20 lucky contestants to win your very own set of eye pads to experience this ‘miracle’ for yourself.

FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY: ( Contest Ends 1/16/09)

  • Comment below: What was the WORST beauty trend of 2009?
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  • Kush Johnson

    Worst beauty trend of 2009?

    Um I would have to say HEAVY BLACK EYELINER is still driving me up the wall! And then if she’s insightful enough to complete the look with blue eyeshadow, and not the sky blue Im talkn the Robin baby birdegg color blue….oh, drives me INSANE! I just want to grab a box of Huggies Wipes and wipe, swipe and throw! lol

  • Gigi

    Technicolor eyeshadow. Just because they give you 4 colors plase don’t use all 4 colors. Especially if they’re fushia!
    Would love to win this. I have always wanted to try Jlo favorite eye cream!

  • Cece

    Fur false eyelashes. People this looks hideous!

  • Ursula D

    Worst beauty trend?? Is too much collagen in the lips!!! It just looks hideous!! If you want swollen lips, why not try kissing a guy for a long period of tme and having him bite on your lips!! Full red lips and yummy!!!

  • Dave

    hmmm probably the neon shadow colors…neon green does not work for me..

  • Katy M

    Worst beauty trend of 2009 had to be black (and even dark purple) lipstick. I saw this turn beauties into goth sidekicks. Yuck!

  • AMC

    The Kate Gosselin reverse mullet, though thankfully not a trend, was one of the worst beauty disasters we kept re-living over and over again in 09. (And, the awful extensions will probably make a top 10 list for 2010!). As for the worst trend that people actually did follow – I’m putting blue under eye liner on that list…Let’s hope KG doesn’t sport that and her new hair-do together..DISASTER. If those E. Grant Collogen pads are not headed my way I might cut my hair like KG 🙂 – xoxo

  • Olivia

    The worst beauty trend was the stick on eyeshadows! (I dont remember the exact term, it’s where the shadow is already done for you and you just apply them to your lid) They’re such a waste of money, I rather buy the pots and make the same color 50x! Everyone has different sized eyes so it doesn’t always fit perfectly.

  • Anna

    Easily, the guido tan. Oh wait, its not 2009, it’s ALWAYS.

  • Wendi

    gold eyeliner!!!

  • Anna

    That would be the half-shaved hairstyle a la Cassie. Either go all the way and own it, or not at all please.

  • Diane Stokes

    The worst trend is the silly boys front sweep messy hair.

  • Andrea

    Worst trend…..all of the plastic surgery. People are looking entirely to fake. Bring some natural beauty back for 2010.

  • Michelle

    Guyliner! I don’t want to see or be with a guy whose eye makeup is more artfully applied than mine.

  • Kara

    For myself it’s the hair poof. Never liked it never will.

  • Konnie

    Bronzer overuse/abuse! Ugh.

  • samantha

    take your pick: two toned hair, bleached eye brows and / or a mullet in any direction

    my insomniac eyes are crying out for those eye pads

  • lindsay

    worst trend of 2009: MTV making guidos and guidettes pop icons.

  • Majick

    Overdone collagen lips always bring tears to my eyes, I’m just not sure if that trend was 2009 or before? I have to agree with a lot of the suggestions from everyone here except for the “artful” use of any color cosmetic. It may look like a trainwrech but then what would we have to talk about? ;-D Even though I don’t personally go nuts I do love looking at beautiful colors.

  • Regina S

    The worst beauty product of 2009 in my opinion is black lipstick.

  • carli connors

    I have to say bringing back the thick black eyeliner look

  • Rian

    hmmm – I’d say maybe the glowing white bleached teeth look. But maybe I’m just jealous I haven’t done that yet!

  • Anna S.

    overdone blush and bronzer

  • Jen

    What was the WORST beauty trend of 2009? SO easy, Kate Gosselin’s hairstyle, hey there, I’m a porcupine in the back, but a 1989 skater-boy up front.

  • mj

    Harsh nail colors, so ugly.

  • Ceng

    Overuse of bronzers

  • monisola

    THE WORST BEAUTY TREND OF 2009 – The HALF-SHAVED HEAD for ladies. Yes I can understand the need for those of us who love edginess of and miss the ‘Wow you’re edgy!” reactions of 2008’s mohawk to try to find the next avant-garde haircut but once the cornier members of society start wearing it, guess what it’s no longer edgy

  • Worst beauty trends – black lipstick & nail polish – fashion, shorts with ripped tights!

  • Miranda

    Neon eyeshadow…never good.

  • francie

    Black, boring, boxer boots made for war, not wiggling, giggling & love!

  • vickie

    two-toned hair–light on top and dark on the bottom

  • dee

    hmm. i’m pretty open to a lot of beauty trends, but i guess the worst one would have to be tanning!

  • Suzanne

    2009 definitely tried to bring us harem pants and shoulder pads as a beauty trend. Definitely the worst.

  • Amy

    Obvious hair extensions (see Kate Gosselin)

  • Carolina

    The Bump_it was the worst! You just look like a quido or Texas Beauty Queen.

  • Hofken

    The worst beauty trend of 2009 was the light green nail polish for the winter


  • Jolyne

    yellow or pink eyeshadow… looks horrible on everybody!!

  • Kristin

    It’s so hard to pick just one thing… the bright colored eyeshadows, the neon, the fringe look… just to name a few.

  • helenlam

    I didn’t like the 80’s makeup look!

  • cat

    Werewolf-like toenail extensions.As in models on the runway at the Prada show in Milan last September.Ewwww.

  • Carrie Copeland

    The worst trend of 2009…………………..hmmmmmm, I would have to say those fugly gladiator sandals! There’s alot of good comments but I really like the one about the guyliner. I would have never thought of that one! Great comment Michelle!! I absolutely agree with you on that one! I dont want to be with a guy that wears eyeliner either!! hee hee hee XD

  • Kimberly

    I think the worst trend of 2009 was the return of anything 8s (e.g., leggings, oversized sweaters, big hair, etc.)

  • CMC

    All that retro stuff that I wore in school came back and haunted me with bad memories! Glad that’s over…for now…

  • CMC
  • The worst trend of 2009 has to be all of the neon nail polish, especially taxi cab yellow… hope that one is in the past!!

  • Jen

    And I retweeted!

  • Leggings. as. pants.

  • candicech1

    worst trend is fake orange tans. Yuck

  • adrian

    Those overly-huge false eye-lashes. The ones that look normal are fine, but some were just over-the-top and unflattering.