The Essence of an Elizabeth Grant Giveaway

Expires 1/16/2009

Torricelumn? What’s that!?

it is Elizabeth Grant‘s EXCLUSIVE moisturizing compound– and believe me… it’s as moisturizing as it gets!

And in its purest form... you will feel like you’re a kid again!

Literally…you’re gonna look like a rosy-cheeked kid again- no wrinkles…seriously.  We even hear Halle Berry keeps her youthful glow with this stuff!

I will let Elizabeth Grant and her website’s description lead you to the proverbial fountain of youth:

“Delivering Torricelumnâ„¢ in its purest, most concentrated form, Elizabeth Grant’s Essence of Torricelumnâ„¢ is an intensive skin care treatment with exceptional anti-aging qualities. Targeting the five main signs of aging skin – lines and wrinkles, dryness, uneven skin tone, dullness and saggy skin – Essence of Torricelumnâ„¢ is ideal for both those who want to reverse and those who want to prevent skin aging.

Concentrated amounts of Torricelumnâ„¢, Elizabeth Grant’s superior moisturizing compound, Collagen, Vitamins A, C and E and other anti-aging actives rebalance and renew the skin at the cellular level, resulting in skin that looks firmer, smoother, less lined and wrinkled and more luminous. Elizabeth Grant’s Essence of Torricelumnâ„¢ is truly a remarkable product with unbelievable rejuvenating effects.”

And at a $250 value– you are going to flip….when YOU now have a chance to win a Free Elizabeth Grant Essence of Torricelumn Kit!

Bye-Bye Lines & Wrinkles!'
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  • DAR


  • Diana Hill

    I just turned 50 in december.. I would love this! I never had wrinkles but have noticed they are starting to appear.

  • Sara Hauser

    I would love to try this!!

  • Carol Donnermeyer

    This would be great on my aging face

  • Marilyn T

    I think my friend Diana won this!!
    Congratulations, Diana!!!

  • I did not expect this on a Saturday. Very good article. Thank you for sharing.. Just subscribed to your feed.

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  • Never take your skin for granted. Aging and environmental effects will eventually take their toll so it is always worth taking extra special care of your skin

  • Diana Hill

    I did win this and its wonderful! Its soaks in so fast! No film, just reallly nice. It made my nails harder too – extra benefit Mariyn, thanks for the congradulations! I should send you a bottle to try. You will love it. A little goes a long way so dont let the size of these bottles fool you! I hve used it for a couple of weeks. I do notice a difference on my neck already. I have no idea what they put in this but its a great formula. Im hooked!

  • Just wondering what made you wanna create this blog? 🙂