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Style Spotting: Panties That Make Your Lady Parts Smell Good!

By • Dec 1st, 2011 • Category: BEAUTY, FASHION, Lingerie

Ladies, meet your new secret weapon: Knock Out! Smart Panties! Perfect for the fitness freak, yoga lover and those generally hot days when you’re just feeling super sweaty, these panties feature patented natural technology to make moisture and odor disappear. Seriously, we’re not joking! And the best part is, they’re super sexy too! So quit knocking ‘em out with your odor girls and freshen up with a pair of cotton lace panties that protect your lady parts just like a stick of deodorant.

Prices start as low as $26 for combo thongs and range up to $38 for high waisted lacy briefs. Get yours today at {Intimacy} stores nationwide, or online at, and

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