Slow Walkers Beware

When it comes to living in New York City, there is nothing more irritating than someone taking their own damn time on the sidewalk. We’ve got places to be and people to see. I don’t have time for you and your man to hold handles and be all cute on 3rd Avenue.

Apparently, New Yorkers aren’t the only ones who get annoyed by people taking up the whole walkway and wasting time. Chloe Nash-Lowe is a hero if there ever was one. The 10-year old girl from England was so annoyed with window shoppers in her local mall that she decided to do something about it. Chloe was tasked with writing a letter expressing her concerns and she had this to say, “I am incredibly disappointed by people walking around your shopping center — it annoys me so bad I want to scream. Will you ever tell people not to walk so slow? If you do this for me I will be delighted — please do it.” Chloe got her wish and a lane was created for the snails and the rabbits.


Dear Bill de Blasio,

What are you waiting for?


Corey Kindberg

Corey is a self-proclaimed heiress and the love child of Anne Boleyn and Marie Antoinette. He's a thug in a cocktail dress with a penchant for open-bars and puns. He has his barista's call him Beyonce and he's never been to Brooklyn.