Relationship Spotting: Guys that Cry

Guys that cry have always made me uncomfortable. This is especially a problem since I tend to hurt all my boyfriends without even breaking a sweat. I remember distinct occasions where my boyfriends had tears running down their faces and I didn’t know how to respond. The only time I ever cried over a guy I was incredibly inebriated, rolling around on a bathroom floor leaving whiny voice-mails after a white party.

Crying has always been a beautiful thing to me though, because I am almost incapable of it. Girls always say they want a sensitive guy, but I feel that when it comes down to it a whiny little bitch is the quickest way to kill your lady boner. So which is it? Do girls really want a guy who cries?'
By Gary
Gary is the gay guy that every girl wants to be, and every guy wants to be with (Mostly because he can't get pregnant). He is based in Manhattan, but loves traveling to exotic new people, and sleeping with interesting new places. He is an adventurous writer, digital artist, and game designer that will try almost anything if it makes a good story. --Instagram: @garyadrianrandall --Twitter: @gadrianrandall