Paula Loves Jenny B. Tees<3

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And so do we!

Cute shirt Paula, now that you’re off American Idol, looks like you’ve had more time to shop and work on your casual dog playing attire. Your Jenny B. Burnout Shirt fits right in, and we dig it.

Enter to win one of these, below, and get on the Jenny B. Bandwagon!'
a fun-loving, twenty-something living in Brooklyn. She spends most of her time absorbing all the life, tofu and whiskey that NYC has to offer. Her current obsessions? BDG High-waisted leggings, vintage boot shopping in Williamsburg, Katherine Kwei's sling bag and Melanie Marie's two-finger horn ring.

  • Aisha B

    Very cute shirts! (New York, Small)

  • Monica

    Cute shirts and even cuter puppies! 🙂 (woodmere ny small)

  • Jenalee

    Cute shirts! Jenalee Hill, Bayonne, NJ, large

  • Sarah W.

    I love the animal print! (New Orleans, Medium)

  • Meghan D.

    So cute! (New York, mediuim)

  • Lindsey

    So cute! San Diego, CA Med

  • Erica O.

    Super cute. Love it! 🙂 New York, NY small

  • All hot women should be required to wear this shirt at all times. ( Riverhead, small)

  • Justin Peter Whitney

    i take an x-small. LOL

  • Wow this shirt and her hair makes her looks so bright and bubbly on this one. Why oh Why am I late to get the shirt!

  • Dana

    Will Write Poetry for Clothes

    Poets don’t get paid
    Their pitiful rhymes
    Rarely get them laid
    Free t-shirt, how sublime!

    So here’s a humble entry
    With hope that it’s a winner
    It may be elementary
    I’m just a rank beginner

    Will I be chosen by Bryce?
    I’ve phrased my nightly orison
    And repeated it just thrice
    But I’m no Toni Morrison

    Pick me, pick me, pick me
    O ever powerful Bryce
    For here’s the winning entry
    These humble lines suffice?

  • haha… thanks everyone! the tshirts are being shipped!

    dana, that was so cute. i wish you had responded earlier!!!!!

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