Models: An Endangered Species in Germany

Work for German models is drying up thanks to Germany’s most popular women’s magazine announcing a new ban on using models.  Starting in 2010 Brigitte will only feature the images of readers and well-known REAL women.  I hate to say it, but I feel like at some point the tables will turn back.  When the pages of Glamour and all the other major mags are filled with real women, the anorexic model-types will cry out to the world, “but what about the skinnies?”


To the credit of these famous mags, it is healthier to give women a more realistic view of the female form.  Curves are beautiful… and it’s sad that a gorgeous girl that fills out a size 6 or 8 or *gasp* 12 is seldom seen gracing a glossy page, nevermind a cover.

Starting today women are invited to submit their photos to the Brigitte website to be considered for inclusion in the mag, and those chosen will be paid the same stipend as a real-deal model.  Obviously real models can submit their pics too, but if it looks like they need a knackwurst and some sauerkraut, they probably won’t make it in.

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  • what is funny is that Cindy Crawford has been quoted saying many times, that in the height of her career, mid-eighties to early nineties, the standard size for models, including the super models like herself was always a size 6/8 sometimes even a 10 , which Christy Brinkley was in the height of her modeling career too! no one would dare argue that these models were in any way /shape/ or form considered skinny with great figures..