Here’s Why I Love My Daughter’s Curly Brown Hair

Here’s Why I Love My Daughter’s Curly Brown Hair

TweetLoving my own curly brown hair was a journey that took me well into my 20s, but now I can’t get enough of my daughter’s gorgeous locks. I remember when I was my daughter’s age now, four, there was only one view of beautiful hair in the eyes of American doll makers and TV producers: blonde and naturally straight. That was the late 1980s, and my own hair was wavy, textured (thanks t... »

12 Gifts for New Parents They’ll Actually Use

12 Gifts for New Parents They’ll Actually Use

TweetWe rounded up 12 of the best gifts for new parents they’ll actually use so you know you’re not just throwing your money away. (Slideshow) If you have a new mom or dad in your life there’s a good chance they need a ton of stuff. Sure, they probably already scored the big items like a crib and carseat, but there are about a million other things they’ll need to raise... »

A 3 Parent Baby Was Born

A 3 Parent Baby Was Born

TweetA 3 parent baby was born, changing the way we see reproduction forever. It’s a well-known fact that there are two people required for the baby-making process. The male must give the sperm, which is used to fertilize the egg from a female. Even if the process is done under lab conditions, there must be genetic material from at least two parties to make it happen. It’s the miracle o... »

pregnant animals

Pregnant Animals = proof it’s hard for all beings

Animals hate being pregnant too! »

harry potter nursery

A Harry Potter Themed Nursery

Harry Potter nursery. »

alternative merit badges

Reward Awesome kids with Alternative Merit Badges

Alternative merit badges. »

disney princess hot dogs

Disney Princesses as Hot Dogs

TweetDisney princess hot dogs are the perfect project for your kids. Or you. Whatever. I hate to admit it sometimes, but I love the taste of hot dogs. And just to be clear, in this post the phrase ‘hot dogs’ will refer the kind of sausage that is edible, tastes best between a pair of buns, and is made of questionable parts of a pig or cow, or perhaps both. Actually, I give up because that still so... »

tranquilizer darts for kids

FDA Approves Tranquilizer Darts for Kids

TweetFDA approves anesthetic tranquilizer darts for kids, shady moms of America rejoice. Have you ever wanted to put the little hurricane who popped out of your vagina to sleep in less than 4 seconds? Congratulations, your prayers have been answered. The FDA recently announced it’s approval of tranquilizer darts for kids– guns to help parents with children suffering from ADHD, also known as ... »

breastfeeding a 6 year old

This Mother Still Breastfeeds Her Six Year Old

TweetA 52-year-old Australian mother is still breastfeeding a 6 year old.  In the world of ‘what the Hell is happening on Earth’ this ranks pretty damn high. 52 year old Maha Al Musa is an Australian belly dancing expert and human rights activist who plans to breastfeed her daughter until she is 10. I don’t know about you, but the face that she is 52 and can still produce breast milk is pretty ast... »

inappropriate toys

WTF: Inappropriate Childrens Toys

TweetSome toys are not actually meant for children. A ‘two finger squirter’, also known as a girl that accidentally pees all over you during sex. I don’t know about you, but in my childhood, we were so poor that we were lucky to have any toys to play with. Our idea of a good time was ordering free Bibles from TV, and then burning them on the front stoop. I know that may seem sacrilegious, but at l... »

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