Five Internet Slang Words to Adopt Now

Adopt these Internet slang words before they disappear forever.

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I am not really one for popular slang words, mostly because I think they sound ridiculous and overly try-too-hardsy. For instance, I never once uttered the words ‘on fleek’ in any way that wasn’t entirely sarcastic.
Still, in this Kendall and Kylie obsessed culture we live in, slang words are unavoidable. Here are five rando words from the Internet that seem to be popping into the mouths of milennials everywhere.

Extra- Basically, if someone is acting overly ‘anything’, they are extra. You know that girl that gets super drunk and then cries about the fact that her boyfriend got her the wrong cut engagement ring, and she’s so upset about it she doesn’t even care that he is schtupping her sister? That girl is acting ‘extra.’ You caring about internet slang words is extra. So on and so forth.

Snatched- This word originated with drag queens, whose faces were so perfectly painted and pulled back that they looked ‘snatched.’ It can refer to anything that is flawless. Like, my body, for example. Snatched.

Boots- I have to admit I don’t fully understand this word, but I know it started with Todrick Hall and is used to amplify another phrase. For instance, if you are feeling really randy and ready to get it on, you can say you are ‘horny boots.’ I still don’t get it, but I use it, and I assume that’s the same as everyone else with health insurance and deodorant.

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Hunty- I don’t know whether this word started with the blacks or the gays, but one of us bastardized the word ‘honey,’ so its pretty obvious what it means. Just to be clear though, this word is nearly over. If you want to extend the life a little, add a little spice to it and say ‘herny.’ As in “don’t even touch that gin fizz, herny.”

Ship- Personally, I hate this the most of the internet slang words because I find it to be lazy. ‘Ship’ is just a shortened version of the word ‘relationship’ and it is used when you are talking about two people you think should get together. For instance, I am ‘shipping’ Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Shumer hardcore, right now.

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