Giveaway Spotting: Therafit Shoes for a Fitter You

therafit shoes

New year, new you! Getting fit is topping everyone’s resolution list, but honestly, it’s a lot easier when you feel cute doing it. Therafit Shoes have patented comfort technology so you can glide through your day without even noticing your feet, they’re super-cute (oh hey, bright colors!), and charitable, too! Every single pair of Therafits sold = $1 donated to a charity of YOUR CHOICE. Now that’s empowering.

Want to win it? Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment here telling us which style Therafits you’d pick, and what your fitness goals for 2013 are!

2. Tweet at us with this: Hey @luxuryspot, I want to win @therafitshoe to get fit!

3. “Like” this post on Facebook (the button is at the top of the post).

For extra credit, pin this post on pinterest as well.

VOILA! Winners will be announced by January 21, 2013 <3 …open to US and Canada residents.

Bryce Gruber is a Manhattanite mom who can be found jet-setting off to every corner of the globe. She loves exotic places, planes with WiFi, summer clothes, & Sucre brown butter truffles. Bryce’s aim is to do to luxury what Elton John did to being gay. Follow her on twitter @brycegruber

  • tweetyscute

    I like the Deborah in Black and White

    and I liked the post.

  • tweetyscute
  • I would love the Deborah!!! It is my school colors!!!!

  • mefink

    I would pick Renee in black so I can wear them to work. My goals for 2013 are to eat healthier and to start to do yoga.

    Tweeted @mefink:disqus

  • I like the Deborah Silver/Blue and my goal is to continue walking 10 miles a week and in the spring, start jogging a little bit.

    & liked this post on FB(Kelly D Saver)

  • Wehaf

    I would choose the Deborah shoes in silver/blue. My goal is to do 150 tabata sessions this year.

  • Hari D.

    I would ask to be surprised with a colour. They are all amazing for jogging!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Hari all of our shoes add a perfect pop of color to any outfit! Make sure to check us out on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

  • Nicole Vosburgh

    I would choose the Deborah shoes in Black/White.

    Facebook: Mama-Nikki Vosburgh – I liked.
    Twitter: @BNTVosburgh – I tweeted.

    • Therafit Shoe

      Thanks for all the love Nicole!

  • I would choose theDeborahstyle in black/pink. my goal is to use my gym membership at least twice a week

    • Therafit Shoe

      Chante, as long as we pay for it, we might as well use it right? Good luck on your goals! Make sure to check us out on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

  • jeevon kay

    I would choose Deborah in Black/Pink. I want to be fit and in shape again after giving birth end of this month. Hope Therafits could join me in getting fit

    • Therafit Shoe

      Jeevon Congratulations on being a new mom! Bryce can tell you all about losing baby weight in her Therafit’s. She did an amazing job, just look at her! 😉

  • I like the Deborah shoes – but I would likely call or email and ask for guidance as I have a wide foot, and I noticed the shoes fit small and are medium width. Looks like a great product line!
    Facebook: Colleen M Cole
    Twitter: @30minutes4me
    colleen at

    • Therafit Shoe

      Thanks for the love Colleen! Our shoes do run a little small, so we recommend that you order a half a size larger than you normally wear.

  • sandra

    I don’t know which I would choose but I know my goal is to get in gear and lose at least 70 lbs 15 of which I have put on since being unemplyed.

    • Therafit Shoe

      Sandra, we know you can do it! 2013 is the year of you!

  • Pri

    I’d pick the pink ones!!!

  • Really any of them cause they all look comfy! My goal is to get healthy, lose 10 lb and keep it off!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Good luck Rachel, and yes they are all super comfortable! Make sure to check us out on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

  • Victoria Kondovski

    I’d pick the Deborah – pink black. So cute. My fitness goal is to do my first 5k and walk 2000km during the year!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Awesome goal Victoria! Therafit just participated in The Color Vibe 5K and it was a blast! Our goal is to continue participating in awesome events that benefit our health at the same time!

  • Brenda Penton

    I would pick the Deborah in Red. My fitness goal is to challenge myself with more challenging workouts like HiiT and Tabata style workouts.

    Liked as Brenda Penton on Facebook

    • Therafit Shoe

      Thanks for all the love Brenda! The red Deborah’s add the perfect pop of color to any outfit!

  • I would choose Deborah in Black/Pink. My goal is to exercise 5 times a week and to lose 15 pounds!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Awesome goal Lori, and good luck!

  • deborah-silver-blue my fitness goal is to get moving more to keep my BP and cholesterol in check!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Awesome goals Robin!

  • amberlicious

    I adore the Renee in basic white, so awesome! My goals are to exercise more and cut sugar out of my diet. Thanks so much! 🙂

    Liked the post on FB : Amber H

    • Therafit Shoe

      Thanks for the love Amber! The white Renee’s are the perfect working girl shoe! Make sure to check us out on Pinterest and Instagram!

  • Deborah black/pink

    • Therafit Shoe

      Thanks for the love Joanna! Make sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • sasha

    black/pick. My goal is to lose weight to gain confidence.

    • Therafit Shoe

      Sasha, we know you can do it! Make sure that you check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

  • I’d pick the Deborah in black/white.

    My fitness goal for 2013 is to exercise at least 3 times a week. (so far so good). I’d also love to try out yoga. (Still trying to sell the bf on that one).

    I tweeted:

    I liked the post (amber lynn young)

    Thanks so much for the chance!!

    ayoung3360 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    • Therafit Shoe

      Thanks for the love Amber! Also you will love yoga! It is my favorite hours of the week, you should do it no matter what!

  • Definitely the Deborah. In black and pink! Too cute!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Thanks for the love Disney Bride! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

  • Georgiana

    Deborah in blue & silver!

  • I would totally pick the Deborah in Black/Pink! My fitness goals for 2013 are to run 3 miles 3 times per week and eat less gluten. Thanks for the giveaway Bryce!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Thanks for all the love Amy! Good luck with all of your goals!

  • Larae

    I would pick the Deborah in black/pink. Tweeted this!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Larae, thanks for the love! Make sure to check us out on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

  • Deborah Silver/Blue

  • I would love the black/pink Deborah shoes! My 2013 fitness goals include being more consistent in going to yoga class and to do more running–like running a 5k or two!–Shana S./@smittengatito on Twitter

    • Therafit Shoe

      Shana, good luck on all of your fitness goals! We love participating in 5K’s and we try to get to Yoga as much as possible. Seems like the Black and Pink Deborah’s will be perfect for you! Also make sure to check us out on Twitter, Facebook, pinterest, and Instagram

  • estella miller

    Love The Deborah! So bright! The colors are fun and motivating to get me to walk every day!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Estella, we feel the same! You won’t want to stop walking.

  • The DEBORAH-Black/Pink is my pick. I choose this shoe as it is Lightweight and what I need for lots of walking. My old shoes made me feel like Frankenfoot!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Therafit’s are like you are walking on air! You will love them Carol, and I promise you will not look like Frakenfoot! lol!!

  • I’d pick the Pink ones! My goals for this year is to get a new lifestyle which includes good eating and a workout regimen that helps to tone. My intention isn’t to get to a size 2 but to be fit.

    • Therafit Shoe

      Yanne, you have to have a good diet to see any results, even with an awesome workout regimen. Good luck toning! Make sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • Melanie

    I had open heart surgery and for 2013 I vowed to get into a fitness regime because I didn’t go through this brutal surgery for nothing. Zumba and walking are my goals. I love the Deborah style in black and pink………my dream shoes!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Melanie, they are definitely dream shoes! Make sure to check us out on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Lisa Grassetti

    I would pick the Deborah Blue/Silver My goals this year are to walk and run up to 3 miles everyday with my dog. Right now I do between 1 and mostly 2 miles daily even in the Winter. No stopping my dog which keeps me going every day.

    • Therafit Shoe

      That’s awesome Lisa, you have a perfect running partner, thats always ready to go, so no excuses! Now we need to make matching doggie Therafit’s.

      • Lisa Grassetti

        Thanks he is perfect for running no doubt about it 🙂

  • lulu989

    My fitness goals are to get stronger and tighten up. I love pole dance, hoop dance and I want to get better at both this year. Also stretch more daily.

    • Therafit Shoe

      Good goals LuLu! Stretching is def key!

  • lulu989

    Oh yeah, and I like the black ones!

  • C M

    Given that I am now entering my 8th month of pregnancy and feeling the pinch of too tight shoes from my swollen feet, I’d love the Deborah shoe in any color as motivation to get my a** off the couch!

    • Therafit Shoe

      CM congrats on being a new mommy!

  • Catalina K

    I’d probably pick the black, pink, and purple style. As for my fitness goals for the new year, they are pretty simple: I just want to keep my current weight and tone my muscles a bit more. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

    • Therafit Shoe

      Good luck with your goals Catalina! Make sure to check us out on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

  • Crystal

    I’d pick the black ones, or perhaps the pink, to help achieve my fitness goal of getting off my lazy arse & back in the gym!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Crystal, we have a problem deciding also, more feet would be the answer! lol

  • Linda Lemons

    i like th epink deborah style. my fitness goal is massive this year, because i am massive and it has to stop. i need to lose 150 lbs, so new shoes would sure be a help as it is difficult and painful for me to walk. i have joined a weight loss group, started shopping for healthier foods, cut out desserts and i am praying for a good result!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Good luck Linda! There is nothing better than knowing where to start, and actually doing it! Congratulations!

  • Lori

    I love the black,pink and purple pair, my pick. My fitness goals this year are to tone my lower body . A tighter, firmer buttock, firmer legs and sexy hamstrings. Im determined to wear a sexy pair of shorts this summer.

  • debbie ely

    I would love the black Deborah’s well because my name is Deborah : )

  • Adrian R

    The Deborah silver/blue would go with everything. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 2 years ago. My goal is to keep my entire family healthy, making sure we eat right, and staying in great shape. We joined a gym and all make sure to take advantage of it.

    • Therafit Shoe

      Adrian, you have you goals in check, and that is awesome!

  • I’d pick the DEBORAH – PINK. My goal is to start walking early this year and not wait for warm weather.

    • Therafit Shoe

      Thanks for all of the love April! Good luck with your walking goal, you can always join us in Florida!

  • Deborah in Blue and Silver

  • I liked on Facebook too!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Thanks for the love Renata! Make sure to check us out on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

  • I like the pink ones! I would love to wear these while I try to loose 40 pounds. Plus they would be super cute to wear while I rock out on my drums!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Ginger, I agree! We would love to see you rocking out in your Pink Therafit’s

  • VegasLiz

    I like the pink and black ones, my goal this year is to tone up…lost all the weight I needed to already 🙂 ~Tried to pin but says marked for spam in Pintrest

    • Therafit Shoe

      Congratulations on losing all your weight! The Pink & Black Therafit’s rock!

  • Shelia

    I like the Renee-white, a pure classic look.

    • Therafit Shoe

      Sheila, they are the perfect working girl shoe!

  • Elita

    ‘Liked’ and Pinned to my board ‘Make My Day’. Thnx! E

    • Therafit Shoe

      Thanks for the love Elita! Make sure to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Elita

    I like the style Deborah in both Black/White, and Black/Pink, hard to pick! Thnx! E

  • love it in black/pink

  • “Like” this post on Facebook

  • I would pick the Deborah in silver/blue! My fitness goals are to drop two sizes and reveal my abs!

    • Therafit Shoe

      Good luck Lynn! A pair of Therafit’s is the perfect way to keep you comfortable while reaching your awesome goals!

  • I am like #44, my favorite number! Thanks again for the giveaway!

  • angela34wi

    I love the Deborah Black/Pink Pair!

    • Therafit Shoe

      The Black & Pink Therafit’s add a perfect pop of color to any outfit! Thanks for loving us! Make sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

  • I like the Debra in Black/White. I want to get back to my pre-marriage weight.

  • I would pick the Deborah/Pink!

  • Liked the post on FB

  • I would pick the Deborah Pink/black
    My fitness goal is to tone up

  • nelricky

    i have to loose 100 lbs this year!!!

    Deborah – Black/Pink is the shoe i would choose.

  • nelricky
  • nelricky

    liked post

  • nelricky


  • Annalisa

    Oh my goodness! These shoes look AWESOME!!! I had my 3rd baby in 2012 and I’m looking to get back to my pre-preggo weight from 2008 (when I had my first child:)) in 2013. I also have one of my best friends getting married and I want to look good for her wedding in May! I’ve had major back issues and I’m sure the large (9lb.) babies and extra weight are the culprits for my back troubles. I just told my husband that I am looking for a pair of shoes that will help me reach my goals and I think these just might be the ones! I’d pick the Deborah’s in either pink/purple or red. Super cute!

  • yeah- I am finally able to post – i would like the deborah red – I am currently training to run a 7K – I also do alot of walkiing – and my old avias are old & tired – liked & shared

  • deff the black ones 🙂 goal: lose weight!!!

  • courtney b
  • Hey @luxuryspot, I want to win @therafitshoe to stay fit !

  • Betty

    Deborah – silver/blue
    A regular schedule of walking and exercising programs

  • Betty

    FB liked
    betty dennis

  • YAYYYY!!!!! I love the Deborah in Black/Pink!!! Pretty please! Size 7.5 xob

  • oh… and my fitness goals this year: Win a bikini competition with the WBFF, a lean division of female bodybuilding…. do the Spartan Race, and complete a 1/2 marathon!!! And most importantly, to live EVERYDAY BETTER! (fave Therafit shoe: Deborah Black/Pink sz 7.5)

  • I love the Deborah black/white. My resolution is to continue to kick Cancers butt, feel free to join me 🙂 and I’m going to get out and about more and improve my overall muscle tone along side my children 🙂

  • I have liked this post on FB, my FB name is Becky Richied

  • I have pinned this giveaway to pinterest:

  • Carolyn Barnett

    Deborah – Silver/Blue these are the ones i would pick.MY GOALS ARE TO BE MORE ACTIVE.

  • I would select the Deborah – Black/Pink Therafit Shoes !

  • OOPS forgot to mention my fitness goal is to increase my lung capacity! I tweeted and liked and commented on the Therafits FB page as Nancy Reid!

  • I would love the Deborah shoes. And my goals are to walk 30 minutes a day.

  • I would definitely be graced to receive the Deborah in the white/blue/silver color!!!!

  • My fitness goals for 2013 are to strength train more and tone! The Deborah Therafit Shoes would assist me in these goals.

  • black please. to tone myself better

  • hofken

    I like the Deborah in pink and black and I hope to not gain any weight this year
    Facebook – Cynthia M Richardson

  • hofken
  • Melissa Tippie

    I want to get & stay healthy in 2013! Tweeted @MelissaTippie

  • Deborah – Black/Pink I a;lready lost 10 lbs since the 1st. just by walking 3 times a week, plan to keep that up all year.


  • Lena Maros

    I think the brighter pink ones would help rev up metabolism better.

  • wendymcbride

    I would choose Deborah- Silver/Blue size 6.5M. My fitness goals are to walk more and get Brazil Butt DVDs soon. (did you know your rear has 3 muscles?) wendym at

  • wendymcbride

    liked post on fb. Wendy McBride
    wendym at cableone dot net

  • wendymcbride

    tweeted. @wendym43
    wendym at cableone dot net

  • Deborah Black/Pink, I really need to get in better condition.

  • I love the pink ones, I have let myself go since my mom passed and decided it’s time to get in shape these would add to my motivation!! Thanks for the chance!!

  • Katy M

    I’d love to try the Deborah in black and white. I’m hoping to walk (briskly) every day this year for 30 minutes at least. I’ve kept the resolution so far!


  • Katy M

    I just Tweeted about the giveaway here:


  • Katy M

    I liked this post on FB as Katy M.