Giveaway Spotting: Therafit Shoes for a Cause

Need an excuse to get healthy? How about doing it for a cause? Therafit Shoes have patented comfort technology so you can glide through your day without even noticing your feet, they’re super-cute (oh hey, bright colors!), and charitable, too! Every single pair of Therafits sold = $1 donated to a charity of YOUR CHOICE. Now that’s empowering.

Want to win it? Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment here telling us which style Therafits you’d pick, and what charity you’d donate to (and why)!

2. Tweet at us with this: Hey @luxuryspot, I want to win @therafitshoe to support (insert charity name here)!

3. “Like” this post on Facebook (the button is at the top of the post).

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VOILA! Winners will be announced next week <3 …open to US and Canada residents.'
By Gary

Gary is the gay guy that every girl wants to be, and every guy wants to be with (Mostly because he can’t get pregnant). He is based in Manhattan, but loves traveling to exotic new people, and sleeping with interesting new places. He is an adventurous writer, digital artist, and game designer that will try almost anything if it makes a good story.
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  • Jenna L

    I’d pick the Deborah gray/blue and donate to amFAR. the Foundation for Aids Research has always had a mission I was proud to support.

  • Yanne Garaicoa

    First and foremost, the charity I would give to is the Komen Foundation. Cancer has been a harsh enemy in my family taking three of my moms siblings. And one who is fighting it as we speak. I was lucky to be able to help raise money a few yrs ago. Soon I would choose the PINK Therafits. On another note, just broke my ankle and am bed ridden for another 9 weeks before I can actually start therapy to start walking again. These would be perfect for that recovery/therapy stage.

  • Btheodore

    I’d pick the Deborah Black/Pink or Black/Silver and donate to CAWC (connections for abused women and their children).

  • cindy

    I would pick the Deborah, in pink. I would donate to Nellie’s Catwalk for Kids. Nellie is a college student who puts on a fashion show to benefit children affected by cancer.

  • Lisa Vigna

    Wow! This would so come in handy this week and next! First, I would donate to Fred’s Team. Fred’s Team is a charity that raises funds for pediatric cancer research and is affiliated w/ Sloan Kettering. I am running the marathon in November as a member of Fred’s Team. I would LOVE to run in the black sneakers. They are amazing! Thanks so much for this run for a great charity and in style? Perfect combination!

  • Darla Bellissimo

    The deborah Grey/white…..These shoes would be donated by me to a local charity
    in my area…The hope house, which is a very needy animal shelter here in maryland…

  • Pj Richa

    I absolutely love Deborah – Gray/Blue! My charity of choice would be Feed the Children because food and care is needed for children to flourish.

  • vickie

    Deborah – Black/Silver size 7 (fingers crossed) – I would donate in to the March of Dimes – when I was little I would go with my Mom door to door to collect for them – also did a few of the Walk for March of Dimes events –

  • tracey byram

    I like the Deborah – Black/Pink and would donate to Habitat For Humanity because I know what it’s like to be homeless.

  • I would definitely pick the Deborah-Pink! These look super sporty and comfy! The charity I would choose to donate to would be Jason’s Dreams for Kids. This charity grants wishes to children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. Thanks so much for the chance and for your generosity.

  • Regina S

    Renee White (I guess I’m kinda boring) – I would donate to the National Kidney Foundation (because I only have one and I might need their help one day)

  • Arlene E

    Renee (white) for the Monmouth County SPCA on behalf of alllll the homeless animals!!

  • Brenda Riley

    I like the Renee, (all white) the pink ones look like something my 9 year old granddaughter would wear.

  • Bryce

    Im literally wearing the black and pinks right now <3

  • love the deborah in hot pink! i’d donate to ASPCA because they do SO MUCH to help animals- save lives, end torture, find pets homes… I’m so thankful for the wonderful people of ASPCA who give it their all to help give animals the best life possible!

  • Elisabeth

    I’d get the Deborah – Gray/Blue and would pick Free the Slaves for my charity. No one should be a slave!

  • Elisabeth

    I also tweeted, liked and pinned! 🙂

  • Lea

    I’d pick the Deborah in black/pink. I’d donte to the American cancer society. Cancer has affected My family members.

  • Crystal

    I’d choose the “Renee,” and would donate to a small, local animal rescue foundation or hospital. Why? Because smaller organizations need more help as they don’t have a recognizable name and I know the majority of the funds would directly fund the mission…not miscellaneous paperwork.

  • Vikki M

    I would pick Renee in white, My charity would be American Cancer Society.
    I follow on twitter @mefink

  • Elena V

    My choice is the Deborah in Gray/Blue and my charity of choice is the American Heart Association because heart attacks happen to so many people and I’d like to change that.

  • Nancy Reid

    I like the Renee Product ID : 8102A and I do and would donate to JDRF ~ Juvenal Diabetes Research Foundation as my stepson is a victim of the disease and passed away from it.

  • Elena V

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  • amy rouse

    Comment here telling us which style Therafits you’d pick, Debra blue/grey

    and what charity you’d donate to (and why)!Habitat for Humanity because I love their motto and their philosphy “A hand up not a hand out”

    2. Tweet at us done @dropastitch

    3. “Like” this post on Facebook done Amy Rouse

  • Holly C.

    I would pick the Deborah – Black/Silver and I would donate to feed the Children because we need to make sure our children have enough to eat so they can learn
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    like on fb (Holly Chernoff)

  • Anna H.

    I liked the facebook page, tweeted @arh1970 and I am posting. I would pick the Deborah black and pink and my donation would be to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. A co-worker’s 11 year old daughter is there right now with bone cancer and my co-worker doesn’t have to pay a dime for her treatment. The hospital provides food for the families at all hours of the day and they have been very well taken care of. I am completely impressed with the level of care shown there.

  • Sally L.

    I like the REENEE in WHITE.
    One charity is hard to pick! I would have to go with the American Heart Association. Heart trouble runs in my family, I had open heart surgery at age 35, my sister had a heart attack at age 40, my older brother has 2 stents, & my younger brother had 5 bypasses and stents.My parents past away from heart problems at 45 & 54. (way to young)

  • Nichol Perez

    I’d pick the Deborah gray /blue or Renee White and donate to any women’s and children charity for domestic violence because I am currently a victim and these shoes would be perfect to walk out of this person life and abuse for the safety of me and my 4 kids. We are going to keep it moving!

  • Cathy H.

    Deborah – Pink! Very cute! Would donate to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter (TX). We recently adopted a darlin’ sweet homeless pup from there; would like to pay back a bit. Tweeting as @happystweets. Thanks!

  • San D

    I would pick Renee in White! I would donate to Make a Wish Foundation. I lost someone very close to me to breast cancer. At that time we did not have enough money to make all her wishes come true before we lost her to the big C and it’s something that I have to live with everyday. The work that Make a Wish does is truly commendable and I support them in any which way I can.

    Tweeting @SS_Dal. xx

  • San D

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  • melinda g

    I would pick the Renee in white. I would donate to the ASPCA, I support those who help animals. 🙂

  • C Williams

    I love the Deborah in pink. I would donate to Make a Wish Foundation.

  • Elita

    After careful consideration I am having a hard time choosing between Deborah in Black/Pink and Renee in Black. I tried a few times to see if they have a list of options for donations. Since I can’t find any I’d choose The Animal Rescue Site because we love all and feed all the street cats in the neighborhood, and I click daily on their website to donate.
    Also Pinned this giveaway to Pinterest. Thnx! E

  • Ginger

    I would pick the Deborah in pink because I love the color. As for a charity, there are many I would love to donate to, but since I can only pick one I choose The Children Miracle Network.

  • Julie

    Deborah in black/silver! Sean Penn’s J/P HRO Haitian Relief. They are dedicated to saving lives and bringing sustainable programs to the Haitian people.

  • I would go basic with the Renee – White. I’d go with the leukemia research foundation – I have a student battling the disease right now, and she could really use a breakthrough.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I like the Deborah black/pink and I too would donate to Habitat for Humanity.I have been in that situation before.

  • Margaret Porter

    I would choose the Deborah in black and pink. I would donate to Make a wish!

  • Jill H

    I would choose the Deborah in black/silver and I would donate to the Make A Wish Foundation. They helped a child I knew with his dying wish of going to Disneyland. I have truly never seen him happier. They do great things for children.

  • Jill H
  • Jill H

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  • Jill H
  • Hedgehogi

    Id pick the Deborah in black and pink. My charity would be American Cancer Society. I follow on twitter @hedgehogi at gmail dot com

  • Dina J

    I would pick the Renee in white. My charity of choice is The National MS Society because my mom has been paralyzed with MS since 1990. I would love to see a cure! I’m @DinaJ on Twitter & Liked this post on Facebook.

    Thank you for the chance!

  • Michelle P

    I would pick the Deborah – Pink. The charity I would donate to is the melanoma research foundation, I have lost too many people to this insidious cancer and it needs to be stopped. Thank you for doing this.

  • Rajee Pandi

    I would pick Deborah – Black/Pink I would love to donate to St.Jude Tweeted @momsfocus

  • Rajee Pandi

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  • OnlyMe3074

    I would pick the Renee walking shoe in white since I’m a walker not a runner & they would work well in the gym for me.

    The charity I would pick would be “Angel Faces”. It’s a nonprofit organization that provides healing retreats and ongoing support for adolescent girls with severe burn/trauma injuries. Angel Faces operates out of Encinitas, CA and serves approximately 100 adolescent girls ages 11 – 19 with severe burn/trauma injuries from all over the United States, as well as girls from Mexico and Canada.

  • Jess

    I’d choose the Deborah Red & I’d donate to Breast Cancer research because my close friend was diagnosed this year.

  • Reine Bullard

    Renee/Black to match work out gear. I’d donate to the homeless shelter specifically for kids and young adults. I read this morning that NY has 19,000 kids living in homeless shelters.

  • Betty

    Deborah – pink and black
    Catholic Relief Charities would be my choice. It grossed me out that some charities can use up most of your donation by applying it to administrative costs instead of the purpose you were trying to help. There are loads of excellent charities – we just need to research the choices

  • Betty
  • Betty

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    betty dennis

  • Diane Bassette

    Debra black/pink I’d give to the Shriner’s ..they are always in need..they help so many families!

  • Diane Bassette

    *Deborah black/pink

  • Lud

    I’d pick deborah silver/blue and donate to Humane Society

  • Lud

    pinned too

  • monica

    I pick the Deborah black/pink Therafit and want to donate to The Cancer Research Institute. I’ve seen how cancer is so painful and devastating not only for the indiviuals but for their family and friends. I hope researchers can find a cure.

  • Hofken

    I would choose the Deborah (black/silver) and donate to the Southern Arizona Mental Health Coalition because I’m on the board of directors.
    Liked this post – Cynthia M Richardson

  • Hofken
  • Lisa Grassetti

    Deborah – Black/Pink would be my favorite and I would choose the Red Cross they are always the first at house fires to help out and so much more. They did a good job when tornado’s hit our area.

  • I would pick the black ones and donate to the cause of non-invasive bunion surgery!

  • Eileen McGarvey

    I would pick the Deborah in Black and Silver and donate to a non-profit I worked for that does amazing work for their community. Girls to Women provides quality after school and summer youth development programs to dozens of low-income, single-parent, and immigrant families in the East Palo Alto, California neighborhood. They are the only girl-centered youth development organization in the community and work with girls and their families to help girls succeed from elementary school to college prep to college!

  • I like the black ones and I’d donate to the Arthritis Foundation!

  • I’d pick the Deborah in black/pink. I’d donate to the American cancer society. My mother died from colon cancer at the age of 29

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  • I would choose the Deborah in blk/pink

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  • Amy

    Comment here telling us which style Therafits you’d pick, Deborah in Black

    and what charity you’d donate to (and why)! Habitat for Humanity. I love their motto, A Hand UP not a Hand OUT

  • Deb

    I’d pick the Deborah in black/pink. I’d donate to the American cancer
    society. My mother is a breast cancer survivor.

  • Deb

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  • Deb

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  • Deb
  • I love the black and pink And I would donate to Dress for Success!!

  • Tammy Moore

    I would donate to koman foundation and I would love Deborah in black/pink. .. tweeted and shared on fb

  • diane baum

    I’d pick the Deborah in black/pink. And my charity would be the Alzeihmer Assocation

  • Melissa Tippie

    I REALLY love the Deborah in pink & black! 🙂 I would donate to the charity of my choice: Make a Wish Foundation.

  • Melissa Tippie

    Liked & posted on my FB wall. Thanks

  • love Deborah and I would donate to Autism Speaks they have helped my son, awesome program!