Giveaway Spotting: Elizabeth Grant Organics Concentrate

Elizabeth Grant Organics Concentrate

We’ve been huge fans of the entire Elizabeth Grant Skincare line for years, but I’m extra excited to share their new Organics Concentrate with you since it’s one of the few products I use every single day. This organic formula is safe to use when pregnant, nursing, on sensitive skin, and leaves skin looking refreshed and vibrant without any grease or heavy stuff. A few drops in the morning and evening of this concentrate infuses a unique extract from the dormant bulb of a Narcissus flower with moisturizing Argan Oil, enriching Torricelumn™ and organic teas to help transform the look of your skin into a smoother, more radiant complexion.

They’re valued at $69.99 and we’re giving 5 away!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment here telling us how what organic means to you. Is organic the way you eat? Do you prefer organic cotton underwear? Or are you obsessed with all things organic beauty (or maybe all of the above)? The more details, the better!

2. Tweet at us with this: Hey @luxuryspot I want to win the organic @egskincare!

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VOILA! Winner will be announced next week<3

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  • mefink

    I like to try to eat food that is organic but I don’t make it a absolute neccessity.

  • diane baum

    love it

  • theluxuryspot

    Remember to hit the “like” button on Facebook & pin the post too!

  • If I could afford it I would only eat organic. As it is I try to eat as much organic foods as possible and prefer to use organic products on my skin! I have a lot of allergies and like to prevent reactions by using organic!

  • Organic to me means anything totally natural, with no synthetics, pesticides, dyes or anything artificial. I love to eat organic although I can not always afford it and when it comes to clothing and makeup I really do not have a preference if it is organic or not.

  • abbey

    it means a pure and simple life, it is the way to eat and live! it shines through!

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I think organic means natural–simple and safe!

  • I always try to get everything as organic as possible for my family. from food to beauty products to drinks. Organic means healthier and more natural food

  • Beth W

    I prefer organic produce over the regular, the taste is unbelievably more fresh tasting and delicious!

  • Organic = a natural process or ‘way’. To me, many beauty products, foods, and some health care aids try to be what organic is. But truly getting closer to organic is getting closer to how things can or should evolve.

  • Lena

    I was JUST thinking about all the different natural and organic food and skincare in my home before navigating to this page and finding out about this giveaway! I was running down the list in my head. It is something I think of quite often as it is very important to be healthy. I also like to use natural home cleaning products. This is what I call the best health insurance!

  • Organic to me means less processing and more natural and basic ingredients. I try to buy and eat organic whenever I can, but it isn’t always practical. I prefer fresh fruits and vegetables to be organic, for example, but when I’m traveling, sometimes it’s difficult to get them. With skincare products, I’m still experimenting with what works best for my skin, and I also have to consider cost (unfortunately!). Thanks for having your giveaway!

  • Valerie Smith

    Organic means natural! The way it is made!

  • To me organic means that the products haven’t been sprayed with pesticides. I love that about organic products, to me it seems healthier. I do buy organic fruits and vegetables when I can afford to. I also love to use organic skincare and makeup, they are more gentle on my skin, than other products. If I find a skincare product that really helps my skin look and feel better I tend to stick with it.

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  • tweetyscute

    Organic means from the earth to me/

  • tweetyscute

    organic to me means all natural – no chemicals and better for you.

  • Margo

    I love organic food, when it comes to beauty products- I use it and prefer to use it as long as they do what they promise 😉 I believe they are safer for my body

  • Margo

    I twitted you guys @sunnysky05

  • Crystal

    “Organic” can be a lifestyle. Why not eliminate as many toxins, chemicals, etc. as possible? Personal opinions aside, organic products usually pose no threat.

  • Organic means pure, clean, and simple.

  • I like to use products which don’t have all the chemicals and additives that potentially have health consequences. I’ve watched Elizabeth Grant skincare presentations on ShopNBC, but have not seen the Organics line presented yet. I’d LOVE to win.

  • Gigi

    Organic means pure, natural without any pesticides.

  • To me, organic means free of most chemicals, preservatives and not processed. It’s important to me mainly because I have sensitive skin, and I find harsh chemicals tend to irritate me.

  • I love organic beauty products! Since my skin is sensitive I try to find the products most natural and effective.

  • Elita

    ‘Liked’ post n Pinned to my page ‘Make My Day’. My name on Pinterest is Elitah. Thnx! E

  • Elita

    To me, ‘Organic’ means trying to eliminate as many chemicals as I realistically can from my day to day life. I try to incorporate foods/products that are natural whenever possible. I figure every little effort helps overall. Btw, also an EG user, love her products! Thnx! E

  • Deb Christie

    Organic to me means free of chemicals, natural and from the Earth.

  • IC

    Organic to me means pure, simple and true. There are no modifications of what the item is, whether it being dye, hormones or other chemicals.

  • Stephanie V.

    Organic is from the source, unaltered, free of chemicals and additives. We eat organic, wear organic when we can, use organic products (beauty and household). Do the best we can for our mother earth.

  • organic is a way of producing products without pestisides – but you need to be just as diligent when growing your crops organically as those who produce by other methods. organic clothing is somewhat a waste – the material may be organically grown – but the production, and transporation is not – organic beauty products are made from non-chemical ingredients – I have tried some and would be very interested in trying Elizabeth Grant’s products
    ps – loved the dior vintage article

  • Organic to me, means grown or processed without harmful chemicals. I eat organic when possible, but it can easily break the grocery budget when there’s 6 to feed.
    I don’t wear organic clothing, but sleep on bamboo sheets-ahhh, so soft and wonderful! I’m just beginning to use organic skin products and so far, I love what I’ve tried!

  • szawadzke

    Organic to me means it’s developed naturally, without any chemicals.

  • Shawn T.

    Organic is a way of life. I do everything possible to incorporate organic into my life by choosing food, skincare products, clothing and household items that are organic.

  • Maria

    Organic beauty is really important to me. My philosophy is simple. If it goes on my body, it must not contain any potentially harmful ingredients. Natural, organic products suit my lifestyle well. I’d like to think that I could actually ingest my beauty products without getting sick (though that’s obviously not what we’re meant to do). And, if you’re putting it on your body, isn’t that how it should be?

  • Organic means no harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients.

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