Environmentally Savvy Notebooks'
Written by Shannon

Discover how ecosystem is changing the way notebooks are made!

Ecosystem is changing the way notebooks are made! Designed to meet aesthetic, practical and functional needs of it’s users, ecosystem has a variety of options when it comes to picking out journals, planners and notebooks. Choosing what type of book you want is only the first step. You can also choose the book size, cover type, color and interior layout. With each customizable option your ecosystem book is guaranteed to be as unique as you are!

Each ecosystem notebook has a unique ID code that’s printed on the inside of the book. With this unique code, you can register your book online to learn the back story of your book, You will be able to find out where each component of your book was produced and the innovative way it was made. If you and your beloved ecosystem notebook ever become separate, the same ID number that tells you your notebook’s history can also help bring you and your notebook back together.

Every component of an ecosystem notebook-from the packaging to the paper- is made form 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper using processes that are both environmentally savvy and responsible. To create your own ecosystem book visit ecosystemlife, and let the fun begin!


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