Decor Spotting: The Statement Nursery

Back in the day (a Tuesday, if memory serves) nurseries were pretty straightforward. If you were having a girl, you basically just made the room look like the Easter bunny dropped a huge deuce and smeared it on the walls. If you were having a boy, you threw up a few blue boat decals and some pictures of monkeys and called it a day. If you were having a tranny, you went ahead and set up a fun for the psychological evaluation they would need later in life.

In the past few years, designers of nurseries have really stepped up their game. I would even go so far as to say that some of the rooms I have seen recently could be called Statement Nurseries.

Statement nurseries aren’t decorated with the child in mind. Statement nurseries say: “I am a chic person who is going to have a chic baby that lives in a chic room.”

This of course all goes out the window when the baby actually comes and throws up into your Balenciaga bag but statement nurseries are still a great way to welcome your little one into your fabulous world.

This couple took the fact that they lived in a forest and applied it to their baby’s bedroom as if he wasn’t able to stick his little head out of the window and see all the trees he could possibly want. Still, it’s a beautiful execution for a couple who hasn’t determined whether their baby is male, female, or somewhere in the middle.

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By Gary
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