Costume Spotting: Tights To Sex Up Any Look

Are you feeling “too old” to be a sexy nurse again this year? Want to sex up your Halloween look without looking like you’re paid for sex. Look no further for that little bit of sex-pot action! I’m totally smitten with these tights from — they’re classy with that little peekaboo of sheer that will give you a subtle hint of ooh-laa-laa for any costume.

image via Pretty Polly

I know, I know! Halloween is the one excuse each year to slut it up! But, keeping it classy may just alleviate you from being haunted by Facebook pictures 5 years down the road of your left boob popping out of your pirate wench costume, practically hitting your boss in the face at the office Halloween party.  Not that I’ve been there, or anything…

Pretty Polly’s Black Suspender Tights from [$14.40]'
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