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Caress Prize Package Worth Over $360 Giveaway

By • Nov 4th, 2013 • Category: BEAUTY


Since you’re basically the most glam girl in town, it’s time to up your beauty and fashion game by entering to with this over-the-top giveaway package from Caress Body Wash. The grand prize winner will win a selection of new collection body washes, including Tempting Whisper, as well as a $185 Clare Vivier leather purse (check it out) and a rock your socks off Fenton Fallon necklace (looky here) valued at $175. Five (5) first place winners will be treated to Caress body washes to keep them smelling like regal princesses dipped in fresh peony and red plum.

Open to US residents.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment here telling us your fave shower routine (are you a shave, shampoo, and deep condition girl? or maybe a music and exfoliation type?), and where you’d rock your new accessories by Clare Vivier and Fenton Fallon.

2. Tweet at us with this: Hey @luxuryspot I want to win the @Caress prize package!

3. Share this post on your Facebook wall, and tag our Facebook page so we can see it! Make sure you’re a fan so you can tag us :)

For extra credit, pin this post on pinterest as well… And keep tweeting up a storm for more chances to win! Make sure you follow @luxuryspot and @brycegruber  on Twitter!

Winner will be announced by November 30, 2013

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  1. I love a shower in the AM and PM so I can get everything done, shave in the am and shampoo condition in the PM. I exfoliate every night so my skin has time to recover. I would rock these accessories downtown for dinner dates!

  2. My fave shower routine is to get in and out as soon as possible. Wash hair, condition while I’m showering and shaving, squeezie and I’m out of their to moisturize & a little spritz of body mist!


  4. My shower routine is to cleanse, shave and wash/condition hair. I would enjoy wearing these great accessories out for the evening!

  5. I am definately a Shave , Lather, Rinse, Lather, Rinse, Shampoo, Rinse, Shampoo Again, and then Steam…A Girl’s gotta get her relaxation where she can , when she can…I Love Hot Bath’s…Always gets those Muscle’s Back to New for Super Mom Status.

  6. I jump in the shower..yeah I’m running late..
    gotta get luxurious for my hot hot date!
    Shave my legs first..then wash my face..
    gonna be the best smelling girl at that place…
    where we’re going for dinner tonight..
    it just wouldn’t be right..
    if I didn’t wash my body with Caress body wash..
    my boyfriend will be like “Gosh!”
    you smell so good..
    I’d take a thousand showers a day if I could! ;)

  7. I would say music and exfoliation type.

  8. If I’m not shaving, I can usually get my shower done in 8 minutes. Most days, there’s not much time for a longer shower.

    I’d rock the accessories at all the upcoming holiday parties.

  9. I am a soak and bubble bath type! And I would wear these fab accessories out to dinner with my hubbs!

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  11. I shave my legs daily and oil my skin before getting out daily

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  13. I shave, shampoo, wash, exfoliate, condition…all to my fave jams! I’d rock these with boyfriend jeans, a white tee, lace-up heels and a red lip to date night with my hubby!

  14. i dry brush, shave, shampoo, hair mask, moisturize kind of girl! also, i would wear these accessories out on a date

  15. i shave m shampoo , deep condition and wash exfoliation. i would wear these accessories when i go downtown to our favorite restaurant with my husband and consider it a date !

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  18. Shower, shave, and moisturize my skin.

    Charity S



  21. I shave every-other day and wash my hair on the opposite days. I have to leave enough hot water for my husband! He loves girly smelling soaps too so I get mad at him for using my stuff.

  22. I exfoliate with a Japanese bath cloth every other day (these are amazing, btw) and shampoo and condition on the off days..

  23. I shower with my Caress Body Wash, shampoo and condition my hair but not much shaving. At my age the shaving isn’t too necessary. lol

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  25. Shower, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shave and shower again. I’d rock the new accessories by Clare Vivier and Fenton Fallon at the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas party!!

  26. Exfoliate daily, wash hair and shave every other. Singing in the shower is optional lol And I’d rock the accessories at my friend’s annual holiday shindig!

  27. I am a shower, shampoo, shave, and wash type of girl.

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  29. I just use shampoo/conditioner, I don’t shave every day.

  30. My husband says that my routine is ridiculous :) I exfoliate, shave, shampoo, condition, clarisonic and more until the hot water runs out.

  31. I’d wear the necklace and carry that bag all the time. They’d go well with many looks.

  32. I am a shampoo, conditioner, shave type of girl! I’d rock the new accessories by Clare Vivier and Fenton Fallon at this Thanksgiving and Cshristmas party!

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  35. shampoo, condition, shave – id rock the new accessories at my work Xmas party

  36. Tweeted @ladylisa1 shared I’m a shave, shampoo, condition, shower, lotion up and get out kinda girl

  37. I am a shave, shower, shampoo and condition daily kind of girl! i would rock these everywhere! clallen at ntin dot net (twitter clallen1971 fb crystal l allen)

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  39. I’m a shampoo, shave and moisturize kind of girl! Tweeted ( and shared on FB (

  40. I am a shower, shampoo, shave, and condition type of girl

  41. I shampoo..shave and tons of conditioner

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  44. I am a shiwer shampoo tons of conditioner kinda gal!
    Ellen beck on FB etc @tannawings on twitter




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  47. Soak,shave,shampoo and conditioner kind of girl :) I also tweeted @miscraig11 and shared on my facebook timeline :D

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  50. Comment here telling us your fave shower routine
    long, hot and sudsy

    and where you’d rock your new accessories by Clare
    Vivier and Fenton Fallon.
    Dinner with the gals!


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  53. hair first, shave last. id wear them out everywhere :P no special occasion needed!

  54. I’d where them out on New Year’s Eve!

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  58. Love a good hot shower (yes I know it’s not good for my skin) but it’s a utilitarian function instead of a luxury experience.

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  63. Warm shower multitask girl. Do a cool rinse on my hair for extra shine.

  64. I am definitely a shave and shampoo kinda girl… I like silky smooth legs!!

  65. I will definitely be rocking my new accessories at an upcoming holiday party with my coworkers!

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  67. I have basically the same shower routine daily! Of course it is shortened if the baby is in the bathroom with me or if the kids need me, but on a normal day I will start with a nice shampoo, followed my a cream rinse, and then I will shave my legs and lather up with body wash and a loofa!
    I would rock these accessories at my husbands work party! Woot!

  68. My shower time is my meditation time.It’s when no one can bother me! It’s when I completely relax and I take my time! Also, I’d rock those fab accessories on an upcoming date!

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  71. My shower routine starts with music and scent candles. First I wash and shampoo my hair, and then put a deep conditioner on my hair, and while I let conditioner sit, I use a body wash exfoliaters and shave my legs.

    As for the fab accessories , I will rock them for the upcoming holidays.

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  76. I like to shower shave and moisturize

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    Shower routine: Wash hair, shave, wash, rinse…

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  81. Im a daily shaver

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  83. My shower routine includes skipping shampoo! A great co wash prevents the hair from getting dry!

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  85. im an hour long bubble bath girl! i often use a mask while i soak, and i shave every day, cant stand hair on my legs!

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  89. my girl is habitual bather.

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  91. I’m a total pamper me silly kind of shower gal! My shower time is also my only “me alone time” so I relish in it and cherish it! I play my favorite music of the week, if it is night-time I may have a glass of wine on the counter, if it is morning I usually have a hot cup of coffee at hands reach, and I do the whole head to toe routine, and this is usually every other day. Wash hair, then put conditioner in, and I leave the condition on throughout the entire shower. Then I shave, exfoliate and clean my skin. It is always a ahhhh time for me, a chance to wisk away my stress and feel like I can hit the ground running and feeling confident and refreshed!

    I’d rock my new accessories by Clare Vivier and Fenton Fallon to work each day! I started a new job a few months ago and I really need some cool, ultra stylish, chic fashion accessories to bring my look up to date and contemporary! I want to wow my co-workers, they are fashion savvy ladies who will want to know all about them! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  92. You know I am tweeting! Such a huge fan of yours :) I’m @joannaonthelake Thanks!

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  94. I am a faithful Caress shower gel user! I love to lather up and sing in the shower!

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  98. I like a long hot shower.I shampoo,condition,shave,and then lots of sudsy body wash!

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  102. shampoo, condition then while its working I shower then rinse it al away!

  103. shampoo condition and singing

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  105. I am a head wash and conditioner, body wash with Caress of course and then a shave kinda girl

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  108. Tweeting today

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  112. While I deep condition I shave, and I always have the radio on when I shower. I’d rock my new accessories by Clare Vivier and Fenton Fallon to a NYE party.

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  114. I shave shampoo and exfoliate in the shower

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