Beauty Spotting: Stop Lathering, Repeat

I’ve been a girl for a long enough time to know that one of the greatest expectations we all have when stripping down is to enter a shower and cover our heads in a mass of lathery, foamy, sudsy, bubbly stuff. We all grew up thinking “if you don’t see bubbles, all the dirt is still there.” As it turns out, we were raised wrong. We need a re-education, and possibly shampoo rehab. I had the fine pleasure of heading to Shampoo Rehab this past weekend with some of my lovely girlfriends (in Las Vegas of all places). We all met up pre-Miss America to get schooled in proper haircare. We thought we knew it all- a bunch of beauty editors from sites like Beautybloggingjunkie, Dailyglow, xoJane,, BellaSugar, & NadineJolie. Then Chaz Dean came along and shook our little beautiful selves to the core. Seriously, he said things that confused, bewildered, and changed us possibly forever.

I showed up to Miss America with my typical mane… washed, conditioned, styled, and a little on the dry side from varied products and appliances (see above for evidence). I left with shiny, bouncy, hydrated hair that seemed to hold a blowout for days and days. In fact, I got blown out on Saturday and in true dirty-girl-fashion I still have the same blowout today, Wednesday. That’s 4 solid days of kick-ass hair, and all I did was shove some WEN (ya, the infomercial stuff) in, mush it around, rinse, and repeat.

Normally I think infomercial stuff is for tacky we-have-no-coastline-so-we-buy-stuff-on-TV kinds of people, but this time… well, call me a real American. I like this TV product. A lot. This is me 4 days later with hair good enough to take on TV all the way across the country:

WEN is available at and obviously all over TV, duh.

*extra bonus thought of the day… you can shave your legs with it too!

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