Another Effed Up Church Sign

I can’t help but wonder if this is even real, or if someone with a decent budget just thought it was a pretty good prank.  I may not go to church, but somehow the idea of a church full of yuppies and ruff riders just seems kosher to me.

Picture 17

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  • fellinilover

    That congregation is the type that would have someone pinch cash from the collection basket. Just sayin………..

  • lizzieb

    Call the phone number and ask to speak to Lonnie. Do it! Now! Please report back.

  • enana827

    at least they’re trying to be anti-bias.

  • Doctor No.

    Some of those peole are who Jesus wanted to hand with……..just say’n…and for those who don’t’s not the rich//just tell’n truth-word..and those other stupid non-words..