And the Douche Bag Award Goes To….

KANYE WEST!!!  Ya, Kanye.  You are a tool.  Stephanie and I were talking (well via facebook, but whatever) about Kanye and how we missed his mixtape days.  What exactly went down?  Well, cute-as-a-button Taylor Swift won a coveted (probably more coveted in 1997, but beggars can’t be choosers) moonman for Best Female Performance.  I was happy because I LOVE Taylor Swift.  I want to just put her in my pocket.  All is well and good right?!  WRONG!!

Other Stupid Things Kanye has done

Other Stupid Things Kanye has done

Kanye pulled the biggest douche move that he could and jumped ON STAGE while Taylor was giving her speech to yell “I’m really happy for you, but Beyonce had one of the best videos OF ALL TIME!!!”  Yea, unplanned and totally f**ked up in my book.  Was Beyonce’s video great?  Absolutely.  It gave ammunition for remakes.  It was dope, I’ll give you that one B.

Who recovers from something like that?!  The answer is not even Taylor Swift.  I wanted to cry for her, and so did everyone else.  So here’s to you Kanye West. You win the VMA for “Biggest Douchebag of the Night.”  At least Taylor Swift never had to use Auto-tune you cocky asshole.

Update!!! Okay, so since this all went down, Beyonce basically stole the show with her classiness.  I’ll say it again.  Beyonce is one classy lady.  She had a heart felt speech about her first VMA with Destiny’s Child and how Kanye was a douchebag for taking it away from her.  She then invited Taylor Swift back on stage to finish her speech.  All hail Beyonce!  That bitch just exudes excellence.

ALSO, his site is down for a “Site Upgrade,” but I was able to get the apology that Kanye had written before his PR team went crazy and just the shit down.  Here it is in all its heart felt glory.  Verdict?  Apology=FAIL

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  • K


    – with a capital D. Well, in all caps obviously.

    Thank you for that screenshot of his bullshit. He is a fucking twat.

  • I think Kanye’s barber cut too deep with the lee press on hairdo for teens pattern he was rocking. Hats off to Beyonce for giving a girl her moment. I think Jay-Z may have to put a muzzle on Kanye for a while.

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  • esther coco

    My thoughts on Kanye: GET OVER IT PPL!!! this is exactly what MTV want’s..Monday morning facebook rants & watercooler gossip, what would the VMA’s be wo some controversy? another boring award show!! & what would Kanye be wo opening his MOUTH?? NOT KANYE!! so stop being puppets in the theatre we call the MEDIA and move on..

  • Emily

    My thoughts on esther: I DON’T WANT TO!!! It’s ridiculous and Kanye is getting bad press, and whoever said that bad press is still press, isn’t going to be buying any of his music today… but as for Taylor Swift? Probs the best thing that could have happened to her

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