All That And A Bag Of Chips

Oh hai hai.  They say “you are what you eat” so why not be all that and a bag of chips with your chips?!  These are real, and from what I’ve found, are sold only in Philadelphia right now (someone prove me wrong?!).  According to one review, the chips have more of a “sweeter than the average barbecue potato chip taste.”  Saucy!

I personally enjoy the diversity of the girls (the “Sweeties”) AND the messages on the back.  I’d be Maria because I am totally digging those red ankle boots and the fact that I think she is probably Cuban.

Picture 5

HOMEGIRLS Potato Chips stress the importance of raising your kids to not be little bastards and saving yourself until marriage.  “NO RING… NO THING!”  I don’t know what the “thing” is, but I know it’s probably something I’ve already violated.  If you are in Philly please pick up some bags for us at The Luxury Spot.  I think all of us could really use those messages in our daily lives.

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