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Yum Alert: Ginger Bourbon

Written by emilyc

Celebrate the lovely and exciting fact that it’s Friday with this new spin on a classic Manhattan! It’s just right for summer nights and is made with zero-cal, yet super flavorful, Polar Seltzer. Good-to-know tip: bourbon is best with lemon, not lime.


1 jigger of quality Bourbon

2 jiggers sweet vermouth

2 jigger Polar® Ginger Lemonade Seltzer

Dash of citrus bitters, such as Angostura orange

Garnish with blueberries

Pour the bourbon, vermouth and bitters over ice and stir vigorously (some say to never shake bourbon.) Finish with seltzer and drop in the blueberries

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Emily is a New Yorker trapped in a Floridian's body and loves every minute of her big city life. With a major in international business and years of being surrounded by ill-fitting suits and all the wrong shoes, she learned that the importance of fashion needs to be communicated to the world. To her, fashion is on the same level as charity work and feeding hungry children. Emily can be found frolicking the streets of her gayborhood enjoying the off-color humor of the gays.

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