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iced coffee
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I recently happened upon an analysis of what your coffee says about your personality. If you are what you eat, are you also what you drink? It’s like a coffee horoscope – who needs the stars when you have Starbucks? So I guess baristas are like fortune tellers? I don’t know. Whatever.  Read on to see if this analysis gets it right.

iced coffee

Espresso: You’re friendly and adaptive. You truly like the taste of coffee.

Double Espresso: You’re practical and hard-working. One shot just doesn’t cut it.

Mocha: You’re fun-loving and creative. You hate the taste of coffee, but need the caffeine, so you improvise because you’re creative.

Latte: You’re reflective, yet indecisive. Lattes are a safe pick for you.

Cappuccino: You’re warm hearted, but oblivious at times. Don’t forget to wipe the foam off your lip.

Macchiato: You’re traditional and reserved and don’t have time for the foam layer.

Iced Coffee: You’re assertive and outspoken. You don’t let seasons dictate your life.

Americano: You’re calm and conscientious. You enjoy the simple things in life, such as espresso + water.

Frappuccino: You’re happy and energetic. You say you love coffee, but you really just love ice cream.


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