You Are What Your Eat (and The Products You Use)

Written by Alexis


“You are what you eat” and the concept of “beauty from the inside out” have proliferated our beauty-speak and skin-care talk. We know that diets full of saturated fats and refined sugars are inconsistent with health and beauty and that all-natural is best for our bodies. Yet all too often we mistakenly counter this by slathering on unnatural skincare products.

According to Myra Michelle Eby, founder of MyChelle, beauty from the inside out (your diet) and beauty from the outside in (your skincare routine) both start with natural, non-toxic, and effective ingredients.  Not sure what, exactly, that means? (I do this for a living and I still get confused by all the “all-natural”/”organic”/”herbal” labels now a day.) Well, Eby’s book, “Return to Beautiful Skin” spells it all out for you but, even easier, her line of products makes the decision mistake-free.

Free of phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, ureas, EDTA, fragrances, encapsulated nano particles, and artificial colors, MyChelle products balance, nourish, and hydrate with ingredients that are not only absorbed at the cellular level but also simultaneously allow the skin to breathe for fresh faces, superb skin, and rave results.

My top pick: the White Cranberry Cleanser that makes me feel like I’m getting a fruity facial every time I wash my face! (Although all the fruit-based products are pretty fabulous – and amazingly affordable!)


Disclosure: All products were provided for review. No monetary compensation was received for this review. All opinions belong to the author.

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