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WTF Spotting: Fish Tank Heels

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Back in the 70s, disco fish heels were actually a thing!

I was having a random conversation with my boyfriend’s friend over the weekend, and I have no clue how we got on this subject, but he he happened to bring up fish tank heels. I was like,”What!? You mean like, little fishies actually swimming around inside of footwear?” He was like, “Yeah.” And I was like, “OMG! I need to Google this ASAP!”

So I went home, passed out and immediately woke up the next day and did a quick Google search for “fish tank heels”. What do you know, up popped a whole slew of clear stripper heels with massive see-through platforms and fake goldfish (I think they were fake? Yes, yes…they were definitely fake) swimming around inside. I was still intrigued however, so after a bit of digging around, I came across an article detailing 70’s disco goldfish shoes. Apparently, back then, it was the cool thing for disco dancers to do to rock platforms with real goldfish inside at the club. That is until animal activists caught wind of the trend and it died out (sadly, along with a lot of poor fish too) shortly after taking off.

Don’t worry ladies. You can still get your fish fix with the fab fake replicas available today. Seriously, there’s a decent amount of options to choose from!

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