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8 Most Heinous Costume Offenses in 80s Figure Skating

figure skating tomato outfits
Written by emilyc

Oftentimes, 80s fashion can be cringe-worthy, and ice skating costumes are no exception. These costume designers are deserving of a gold medal in bedazzling, and every outfit you’re about to see will make you sing praise to Tim Gunn for the fact that fashion is cyclical. If this costume action happened at today’s Olympics, there would be even more #SochiProblems than there already are.

figure skating bow ties

Two Johnny Weirs are always better than one.

figure skating cowgirl

I’m going to take a wild guess and say this isn’t allowed at Sochi.

figure skating tomato outfits

Nothing says “gold medal recipient” like sequined veggies on white leotards.

figure skating blue feathers

Did you know that Boy George’s sister was an Olympic figure skater?

figure skating 80s

This pink and turquoise color combination is about as 80s as it gets. This skater is what my earliest Barbies wore and looked like after I gave them haircuts.

figure skating purple body suits

Unfortunately, this purple spandex onesie-clad duo is a brother and sister team. Looks like brother lost a bet.

figure skating bangs

This couple won a gold medal out of sheer bravery for skating in front of a crowd with two-toned hair.

figure skating gold

These two are trying to send a less-than-subliminal message of all gold everything into the subconsciousness of the judges.

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