This Little Frog is the World’s Most Poisonous Animal

poisonous dart frog
Written by Gary

World’s most poisonous animal.

This golden poison dart frog is the most poisonous creature on Earth.

poisonous dart frog

They say good things come in small packages (true everywhere except in the world of penises), but apparently dangerous things come in small packages, too. The golden poison dart frog has enough venom in it to kill over 10 adult men in 3 minutes flat. Their poison is so potent that native hunters of Colombia (where the frogs reside, thank God), use it to create lethal blowgun darts.

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The frogs live in the rainforest on the Pacific coast of Colombia, and their color can range from yellow to pale green and orange, meant to be a warning to unsuspecting birds. The good news is, the frogs only excrete the poison through their skin when they feel threatened, but you still should never pick one up. The frog’s skin covers itself in alkaloid poison that can freeze nerves, and within minutes you will experience uncontrollable muscle contractions and heart failure.

The moral of the story is, if you go to Colombia, stay as far away from yellow frogs as possible.

poisonous dart frog

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