The World’s First Underground Park is Approved in NYC

the low line
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The Low Line underground park.

Plans for the Low Line, the world’s first underground park have been approved in New York.

the low line

If you live in New York, you have probably hear rumors of the Low Line, a proposed underground park to be put on one acre below the Lower East Side, in an abandoned train station. It would be an exact opposite (and jump off, if we are being honest) of the High Line park that stretches up the West side built on old train tracks.

The Low line is co-founded by a former NASA engineer and architect, who plans to use a system of solar collectors to beam sunlight underground and grow plants. In order to demonstrate this, they set up the Lowline Lab, to serve as a learning center for the project. The lab has attracted 70,000 visitors so far, and New York was listening.

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New York recently approved plans for the project, and now the team has one year to reach their goal of $10 million in funds. If they can do that, the plan is to start construction somewhere around 2019.

I think an underground park is just what the city needs, since there are so many unused train stations just waiting for a makeover. And who knows, maybe the Low Line will beat the construction of the Second Ave subway line!

the low line the low line the low line

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