Wine Slushies are Being Sold at Disney World, Happiest Place on Earth

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Need a reason to be happy? Wine slushies are being sold at Disney World.

Wine slushies are having a real moment in the sun this summer, but today’s moment in the sun is in Orlando, specifically, because Disney rolled out menus that include wine slushies. Amen, amen, amen, right? This is the type of modern parenting the good humans of Earth have been waiting for. Generations of evolution have brought us to this exact moment in time.

Finally, a drink that matches your glittering Minnie Mouse shoes. The adult beverages, which are available at Amorette’s Patisserie, a French-themed cafe on the Disney campus, is now offering Strawberry Shiraz wine slushies, and and other over-the-top-mom-approved versions like Mango Moscato, a sweet and tangy buzz for your family trip.

If you’re wondering what wine slushies even taste like, they’re pretty much the grown and sexy version of slurpees, only more expensive and more able to help you endure a hot summer day with your entire family, kids included.

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Wine slushies at Disney are more reasonably priced than just about anything else there, by the way, because you can get a Mickey-level buzz on while you push your toddlers in a rented stroller for $8. To be clear, a bottle of sunscreen at Disney is about $15, so the cheap wine slushies seem like a clearance deal and should not be ignored. Is time limited? Will they sell out? We have no idea, but we know a good thing when we see it. Now we just need them to make a version with trendy pink pineapples.

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