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Written by Caitlin

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Colorscience Pro has created a Pink Kit to help expand breast cancer awareness, education and research.“We have created our own Pink Kit in honor of our sisters, mothers, friends and co-workers who have battled or who are currently battling breast cancer in their lives,” says founder Diane Ranger. Each kit includes:

Achromatherapy  Gem Spritzer: A hydrating toner that will revitalize and set mineral makeup, while it cools and soothes distressed skin.

Crystalescience Lip Serum – Shock Me Pink: This prismatic serum exhibits a dramatic visual colore play and a high level of iridescence.

Genie Colores – Think Pink and In My Pink Cadillac: These magical Genie Colores achieve intense colore, infinite wearability, incredible blendability, and soft focus effects…all in a little genie bottle.


Pink Kit by Colorescience

Want to win one of these awesome kits with a retail value of $60.00? Enter to be one of the 5 winners of this kit, by leaving the best comment below!

What is your favorite thing that dons the color PINK?

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  • My favorite thing that dons the color pink are pink roses! I love flowers & pink roses are my favorite. I just think they’re exquisite and they smell amazing, too! They’re also so romantic 🙂 I love pretty much anything pink, though, it’s my favorite color!

  • My favorite pink item is a wonderful cozy robe given to me by my hubby and my son for Christmas about 15 years ago. It’s still soft and warm and I have a vivid memory of my then 6 year old giving me a gift he was so proud to have chosen for his “mama”.

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