Win A Dick Towel. Seriously.

Written by Ashley

As Seen On It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia The Dick Towel is all the rage for those who want to cover up their shlongs after a shower, romp, long work-out, or for those who just want to… compensate.

You Have A Small Wang

The Dick Towel features a TINY BIRD, a HUGE COCK and TIGHT BUNS, all wrapped into one FUNNY, FUNCTIONAL and SEXUAL towel.Product can be found for $19.99 at DickTowel.com And the fun doesn’t stop there. Coming soon: hats, tees, dick towel black, and for the ladies, the bush towel.

Be one of 10 lucky winners!

If you’re a guy, enter to win THE essential bathroom tool, right behind the manscaper.

Are you a gal, enter to win this in time to have a gift under the tree that will totally encourage your man to take showers. Maybe even on a regular basis! (or are those only my boyfriends?)


Picture 5Good Luck, Studs.


Contest ended 2010.

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