What you didn’t know about weddings

Written by Steph

It was just last month that I attended my first ‘friend wedding’ – and it was a hot mess. I had no idea where to sit, my broke ass friend and I were the only people who bought a registry gift in lieu of the more respectable envelope-with-cash-in-it, and our travel plan post-wedding was to not have a plan. I found myself taking a $100 cab ride at 2 AM on a Monday morning. WEAK. That being said, I attended my second ‘friend wedding’ this past Saturday and things went off without a hitch. Still, stumbling across this article put me in check – there’s a shitload to learn about weddings. For example:

1. It was Queen Victoria who started the ‘white dress’ trend – prior to that, women just wore their best dress on their wedding day

2. A father walking his daughter down the aisle used to be his way of telling the groom, “In exchange for your dowry (thanks, BTW), I give you… my daughter.”

3. Uh… this. “Hundreds of years ago, it was common to consummate the marriage right away in a nearby room with witnesses present. Not so romantic. Even less romantic, these witnesses often scrambled for pieces of the bride’s wedding attire as it was removed. As rules of modesty became common, the bride would throw her bouquet as a ‘diversion’ to get away with her gown intact. The groom later tossed a piece of his wife’s undergarments out of the room as proof that she was disrobing.”

4. The original purpose of the Best Man’s was to protect his bro from attack by his wifey’s exes during the wedding.

5. June is the most popular month to marry.


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