What Normal Dick Size is to Gay Men

average dick size
Written by Gary

Normal dick size is entirely subjective, especially in the gay world.

average dick size

In case you didn’t know, I am a gay man. I am also pretty good looking, and I take care of my body, so naturally I have seen my share of dicks (unfortunately that’s all it really takes in gay society). I have seen dicks large and small, thick and thin, straight and curved, in every color on the penis spectrum.

If I ask myself what “normal dick size” is though, I come up a little short, lol (see what I did there?). The problem is, for some reason, I am a big dick magnet. I don’t particularly want to be a dick magnet, because actually my favorite dick size is perfectly average (somewhere between 5-7 inches) because they fit everywhere perfectly without too much drama. I don’t know why, but big dicks have always haunted me, which I guess is a great problem to have.

average dick size

So, to figure out what normal dick size is to gay men, I had to go elsewhere and phone some friends. I called a lifeline, if you will. Here are some quotes from actual gay men, on what normal dick size means to them.

“I’m a bottom most of the time, so I decline on 9, and wait on 8, but 7 and 6 are perfect for dicks.” -Joseph, New York

“It doesn’t really matter as long as they come and go, so I can get back to work.” –John, South Beach

“The limit does not exist,”  -Eli, New York

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“7 or 7.5 is about normal for me. After 7 inches, you is a special child.” -Winston, New York

“As a flight attendant, I’ve seen dicks all over the world. Normal dick size to me is 6.5, but the biggest one I ever saw was an Iraqi who was 8.5 long, but 7 inches around,” -Thomas, Norway (peace in the Middle East, anyone?)

“As a fister I’m not really all about dick size, I’m fine with anything as long as it’s used right and the guy is cool.” -Phillip, Dallas

“No matter how big a guy’s dick is, I’m still gonna want him to fist me at some point if we keep seeing each other.” -Phillip (again), Dallas.

“It don’t count unless they bottom out.”  –Chuck, Long Island

“I’ve found that 7 inches is pretty average across the board.” -Josh, Fort Lauderdale

“I don’t know if there is a normal dick size, but I know that you should subtract 1 inch from whatever size he says it is,” – Evan, Atlanta.

“Average size for a homo is probably 5.5 to 6.5, but I don’t get out of bed for under 8.”  – Jesse, San Francisco

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