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What Does Your Clutch Say About You?

Written by corey

Being a gay man, I am well versed in clutches and dressing to make a statement. While I was strolling through the financial district the other day, looking for a sugar daddy, I couldn’t help but want to help these women with their life decisions. You may think something as simple as a clutch isn’t a life decision, it is. Your clutch speaks volumes (much like your lipstick choice) about your character. I’m going to break down the three different types of clutches that every woman should have in her closet and what it says about you. You’re welcome.

The Oversized Clutch: You’ve seen the girls with the designer oversized clutch, right? Here’s what the breakdown is: those girls are on the go, and care about how they look. These girls typically work in fashion or have a serious interest in the fashion world. The great thing about these bags, is that they actually fit everything you need. Full Disclosure: I carry one sometimes because of how versatile they are. Try this 3.1 Phillip Lim one, available here.

The Timeless Clutch: You’ve seen the ladies who lunch with these bags. They live stress free and it may be because of their clutches. When you carry around something that’s timeless and chic, your closet reflects just that. It’s filled with Yves Saint Laurent blazers and the perfect pair of black jeans. These ladies are not to messed with. These ladies have more power than you can even imagine. We’re loving this Christian Siriano runway clutch. The embossed snake skin and gold detailing make it the perfect bag for a night-time gala or a lunch with the girls. Available here.

The Fun Girl: You’re a girl who follows trends, but doesn’t invest too much money in them. You believe highly in “fast fashion” and your temple is Zara. That’s okay. Fashion is ferris wheel of trends and you choose when you get on and off. You’re in control of your finances and you’re in control of your life. You want something fun for those nights out and for brunch with your best friend. You know what works for you and you’re not afraid to be a little daring sometimes. This Zara clutch is the epitome of you. Available here.


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Corey is a self-proclaimed heiress and the love child of Anne Boleyn and Marie Antoinette. He's a thug in a cocktail dress with a penchant for open-bars and puns. He has his barista's call him Beyonce and he's never been to Brooklyn.

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