How to Turn Your Dog Into a Werewolf

werewolf muzzle
Written by Gary

This muzzle turns your friendly dog into a fierce werewolf.

werewolf muzzle

I used to have a dog. She was about a foot long from head to tail, and went with me everywhere. I used to put her in my backpack with her head sticking out for long subway rides, even though at the mere scent of another dog she turned into a ferocious zombie Doberman from Resident Evil. Even though she had balls bigger than mine, her size was a detriment and she was pretty easygoing, which is great except for when I needed protection.

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So what to do if you are in need of a guard dog and your pooch is more bark than bite? This Russian-designed muzzle costs about 30 bucks, and permits your dog to open its mouth slightly so it can pant. This muzzle will give your dog the appearance of being a werewolf and scare off any random black cats that cross your path.

Finally, I can say I like something that came out of Russia (besides vodka, obviously).

werewolf muzzle

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