How To Wear Yellow Blush

Written by Allison

Yellow blush is happening on real, human cheeks.

Yellow blush is a real things that’s happening out there. This isn’t some kind of weird internet prank. It’s so different from any other blush we’re used to, and it makes a huge statement. To make your yellow blush look perfect (and not clownish) you’ll need to be super careful with the other makeup you wear, and blush placement. We suggest ultra fresh faced, bronzy makeup to compliment your sunny blush choice.

Step One: bronze your base

We’re taking the bronzy thing very seriously with this look. Wearing a lot of bronzer will only compliment a warm, bright blush choice like yellow. We’re using the NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer and focusing around the edges of the face.

Make sure you take the time to throughly blend your bronzer so it doesn’t compete with your blush. We’re using the same brush we used for foundation to make sure it has a seamless finish.

Step Two: Low-key glam eye makeup

Okay, we can’t have the blush take over the whole look so going a tiny bit extra on the eyes is a-okay. We used a brown shadow to deepen the crease and lash lines.

Then to keep the whole yellow theme in mind, we used a shimmering golden shadow over the mobile lid. Top it off with some fluttery lashes and ready your brush for blush.

Step Three: Yellow Blush

The yellow we’ve chosen is a MAC Pigment in Primary Yellow and the biggest, fluffiest brush we could find. Please don’t use the same brushes you’ve been using for your foot contour game, okay?

The key to getting this to work is going slowly. Dab your blush brush in the smallest amount of pigment that you can.

Then you can apply from the apples of your cheeks upwards. Layer up your yellow blush pigment to get the look you are going for.

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Obviously we’re here for the yellow blush look so we took it up a notch. For a subtler look, use less blush and apply further back on your cheeks for a pretty glow. For a less subtle look, pair the whole thing with glitter eyebrows.

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