How to Wear Your Wedding Hair Up

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Wedding hair up is this year’s biggest bridal trend.

Planning your wedding look can be as stressful as planning the day itself. Not only do you need to find The Dress, but everything to go along with it. When you’re wearing your wedding hair up, you need it to go with your style and look good in photos for years to come. If your locks aren’t long enough, you can start using our head massage for hair growth tips now till the big day. We interviewed two top stylists to get their input on how to wear wedding hair up.

But before we get into the styles, let’s cover a little bridal hair 101. Hairstylist and Makeup Artist, Sophia Porter, says you need to have a good relationship with your stylist. She suggests, “Booking someone who is knowledgable, will give you the best guidance, and you can completely trust.”

Also, maybe don’t let your wedding nerves suggest you get a big chop, right before the big day. Tina Malhotra, Stylist at L’Appartement NYC, says “you should schedule any final trims at least 2 weeks before, and same with color.” She also reminds us that bridal hair trials are done well in advance. To make your life (and your stylists!) easier, your hair should be the same length as it was at the trial.

The Best Ways to Wear your Wedding Hair Up 2018

1. Deconstructed updo


We’re finally leaving behind the stiff wedding updos. No more looking like your hair is an impenetrable helmet of hairspray! Malhotra says her favorite trend this year is that more brides are going for a natural look. “Many of my clients have told me how important it is for them to feel like themselves on their wedding day, and to look back at their pictures and feel their best, while still recognizing themselves.” Ask for a deconstructed updo, a style that looks bridal but with a loose, less structured look. Add in a braid if you’re feeling extra Pinteresty.

2. The low-do


Wearing your wedding hair up, but not too far. This low ponytail is a gorgeous laid back wedding style. “My favorite hairstyles for this year would be the soft, low-do’s” says Porter. “There’s definitely something to be said about hair that doesn’t look over done!” We’re loving this effortlessly textured style and pretty twist. It’s also better for scalp circulation.

3. Hair accessories

Pair your modern, low-key bridal style with a traditional twist your grandmother will love. Adding in a vintage hair accessory (maybe borrowed from said Granny) adds a sentimental touch to your wedding look. Malhotra says “I think incorporating a small adornment can add a special touch in making a bride’s style feel like her own on the big day.” Start looking through your families vintage wedding photos to scope out who had the best hair accessory for your something borrowed. Imagine yourself wearing gorgeous headbands, clips, and other hair-ready baubles to match your big wedding bouquet.

4. Big top knot


Keeping things slick is always an option too. This bridal ballerina bun would look stunning to lend the focus to a dramatic backless dress. To keep things from looking overly perfect, adding texture and volume is a must. For styles like these, make sure your bridesmaids are armed with bobby pins to capture any rogue hairs during the reception.

5. Woven Curls


When texture is key, opt for this downright sculptural look. Wispy curls framing your face looks totally romantic, and with a woven updo you really nail the look. This is how you wear wedding hair up for hot summer weddings. Updos: keeping your neck sweat-free since forever.

6. Casual ponytail


See what we mean about the face framing tendrils? It’s a beautiful way to frame your face when you’re keeping your hair back. We love a good bridal ponytail, especially when your dress has a plunging neckline or the worlds most beautiful lace. This look is flawless with an earthy wedding dress.

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