A Waterfall in The Grand Canyon?

havasu falls
Written by Gary

Havasupai Falls is The Grand Canyon’s best-kept secret.

havasupai falls

Anyone who has ever seen my instagram knows about my waterfall obsession. I don’t know if its because I grew up in the South where there is an extreme shortage of waterfalls, or maybe I just like tons of fluid pelting me in the face, but any time I see a waterfall I have to jump in. I can’t help myself.

Havasupai Falls, located in The Grand Canyon is basically waterfall porn to me.

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Havasupai Falls is part of the Havasupai Indian Reservation, the name of which means ‘people of the blue-green waters’. Hiking to the falls isn’t easy, the trail starts at Hualapai Hilltop, 100 miles away from civilization. To get to the falls you have to hike through 12 miles of canyon, stopping at an Indian village 10 miles in for a wifi break. You can then camp close to the falls, and take a dip in the gorgeous water.

I have never actually wanted to visit The Grand Canyon before, because I am not one for random ‘tourism for the sake of tourism’ vacations.

Havasupai Falls has just changed my mind though.

havasupai falls

havasupai falls



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