An Entire Village Built Out of Water Bottles

plastic bottle village
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A water bottle village.

In Panama they have starting using plastic water bottles in architecture.

plastic bottle village

It’s no secret that plastic water bottles are basically the devil incarnate. Across the world, 22,000 plastic water bottles are discarded per SECOND. People don’t stop to think about where those bottles end up, and that’s the problem.

In a bid to help sway the deluge of plastic that will eventually drown us, a village in Panama has started to use them in their architecture.

‘The Plastic Bottle Village’ is an 83 acre community in Panama that will be built entirely out of used plastic bottles. The village, located on Isla Colon, will feature 120 homes in various sizes. The frames are built with rebar and steel mesh, which is then filled with plastic bottles. After that the electric and plumbing is installed, and then the entire thing is covered over with concrete. The finished homes are indistinguishable from other homes, but the plastic inside the walls will keep the temperature much cooler than outside.

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The reconstructed homes will sell for anywhere between $149,000 and $300,000, and the village will also feature an eco-lodge, gardens, and mini parks. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty much ready to move in.

plastic bottle village plastic bottle village plastic bottle village

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