Wanna get Famous? Spread ’em!

Written by Lana

I’m not exactly sure what this girl has a future in. Porn, stripping, or singing- but she sure does like to show off the goods.

In order to promote her upcoming gigs, aspiring Japanese singer Asuka Sawamoto decided what better way to get some publicity than to bend it on down and show it ALL off to her “die hard fans”, and the paps.


What started off as a little innocent song and dance in some suggestive clothing in her previous gigs turned into a full flesh flashing fest (say that 5 times fast) equipped with paparazzi to spread the love. (No pun intended people.)

The show went on for a little while, then the police called an end to the sassy little firecrackers show.
I will always give credit where credit is needed, and I must say- she really knows how to draw in a crowd, that’s for sure. As you can see from the pictures, she’s totally bringing a decent amount of attention to herself. But don’t be fooled, this girl isn’t going to be selling out MSG like Britney Spears, she only managed to sell 1 (ONE, UNO) ticket after the flash fest came to a close. I’m sure the guy was some creep who was totally confident he was going to get lucky after the show. I don’t know about you, but I would feel totally used an abused after all this flashing and one ticket sale.

Any interest on traveling to Asia take some pics of this little songbird? Make sure you meet all requirements for Asian Photography 101.

In the words of the great Lily Allen, “I’ll take my clothes off, it will be shameless- cause everyone knows thats how you get famous”.

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